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Multinationals do NOT speculate! Accurate timely information win every transaction

Posted on: January 6, 2011

Multinational corporations are more powerful than any superpower government, regardless of the political system (democracy, oligarchy, theocracy, communist…):  They are at the helm; they are holding the rudder and pointing directions to the political/economic/ financial policies, laws, and programs.

Multinational corporations can afford to hire all the bright-minded graduates from all fields that flow into their quick-profit activities.  They make profit from turning over millions of transactions per day, and every transaction is a win.

Governments, implicitly and lately more explicitly, unabashedly profess their impotence in regulating, reforming, or controlling the multinational corporations. Governments are blaming the multinational corporations for luring in all the talented graduates and professionals and offering them wages three times higher than any government can afford to.

Examples abound where governments “rent” professionals from the vast pool within multinational corporations, specifically in financial matters, to help enact laws, with appropriate coded words, that coincide with multinational corporations purpose and interests.

Thus, bright and talented graduates converge to multinational corporations in order to be programmed and codified into amoral and unethical technocrats, the kind that government appreciate and value.

Multinational corporations are not in competition among themselves:  They share the same vast database that governments do not possess; a database that keeps expanding by the seconds with accurate and timely information and pieces of intelligence.  The most frightening is that multinational corporations have the manpower, the deep-pocket, and a centralized hierarchy to retrieving data around the clock, dig into this trove, and analyze trends minutes by minutes:  They can instantly click on two keys: “Buy” or” Sell” and the transaction is always a winner, no matter how small is this quick profit.

Keep in mind that almost all politicians, elected or assigned, at the Federal, State, city or council levels, is backed by a multinational company. Multinational enterprises, and especially “speculative” financial institutions, make profit by accurate and timely intelligence pieces in order to plan and forecast for their business programs.  Multinational institutions are no longer in the speculation business:  They know exactly how, when, and where a political decision and action are underway before any assembly or council take a decision.

Almost all politicians are insider spies to a multinational company and that is how they were elected, assigned positions, and retained the job.  Politicians who resign or are “thanked for their services” either failed to resume their cooperation with multinational enterprises or were judged to be below performance in providing accurate and timely intelligence.  Politicians who end up taken to court for corruption or mismanagement are basically those handed over by multinationals as scapegoats in order to satisfying the public that the system is functioning properly and prosecuting “certain forms” of corruptions or behaving against a particular law.

Multinational institutions are no longer in the speculation business:  They have far more data than any superpower government and they can access any data of interest.  They are actually running the show in political decision-making and selecting the policies and programs that expand their businesses.

Multinational corporations are no longer in the speculation business:  They have the manpower in all types of professionals and the deepest of pockets to lobby any parliament and government around the world.

Multinational corporations do not speculate:  Those who speculate decide on incomplete information, meaning all of us, private, associations, organizations, small and medium enterprises, Real Estates establishment, regardless of the business mission or products.  The pool of the speculators is so vast that multinationals make profit by the billion every second.

Yet, multinational corporations are no casinos, though “the bank always win”:  They buy casinos, drug cartels, arms smuggling organizations, multimedia empires; the have the databases of the UN, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, International  Commerce organization, Google, Facebook, the regular census…Anything that can be traded in the world market.  They are not interested in manufacturing anything:  Producing anything but paper contracts is a along process that require investment and do not generate quick certain profit.

Multinational companies are immune to crisis:  They profit of every crisis, they plan and create crisis.  When they demand liquidity during crisis it is not because they lack liquidity:  It is an opportunity to blackmail governments for more profit when the people are down and the government feeling going down and embarrassed.

Multinational companies are far more powerful than any government, even superpower governments: They have more accurate and timely intelligence than any political system and their pocket is deeper than at anytime in history or any government.

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