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Just to remember better, heik, to feel better

I want to sense the well-being of youth

For a day and a night

For nothing much

Just to remember better

Feel better.

I want to have sinned big time

Just that I may cry

Limpid, fresh, clean water

Coming down softly, uninterrupted

To know how to feel the state of grace

to feel “how all sins are washed clean

And why not, to know how…

Etmana estarge3 3afiyat el chabab

Li yaom wa layla

Moush aktar, moush la shi

Heik, etzakkar ahssan.

I like to post articles and notes published by people who reassess what they are practicing.  This is on karma having a new opponent, written by William Choukeir.

“you’ve heard of the law of karma. if you haven’t, it’s simple. what you do to others will ultimately happen to you. there’s more, but that’s all you need for this note.

I think there’s either another law that runs parallel to the law of karma. or replaces it. that’s not the important part. I’ll get to the important soon.

each day I’m getting more experiences that this newly realized law is this: what others do to you, you will ultimately do to others. and it’s the “ultimately” part that I’m watching very closely. I’m trying to figure out whether we have a choice in the matter or not. of course you’d love to have a choice, and jump to that conclusion. I’m not so sure.

A customer of ours calls me and ‘pressures’ me into delivering a print job. I call the printer and put him under the same unpleasant pressure. I almost even use the same words. this is a simple example where the 2 situations are obviously related. and I chose it for that reason. I’ve experienced many other not so obviously related situations, where I put non-related people under the same situation that I was put in. pleasant and unpleasant. and so much that I can’t ignore it anymore.

ok. so the important part is this: knowing that it is possible for you to have to treat others the way you are treated then, when you are mistreated, try consciously not to mistreat someone else. it’ll make you and them a better person, and everyone else down the chain — since they will not in turn mistreat someone else, and so on. so the benefit is humongous. break the chain.

and do let me know in a comment if it works out or not. or you could just have this awareness in the back of your head, and watch for any situations that abide by this newly realized potential law. and please come back with a comment so we can all validate this.

if you choose to help out, thank you so much. if not, at least try to break the chain. yours, will

twitter: @williamchoukeir

p.s. by william:  discover the destructive power of stealing energy, and what to do about it? (part 1 of 2) — ENE102a

Note by me:   This new comprehension of karma reverses the law so that it is your responsibility to control how you should react when put under pressure.  You can no longer lay it on a karma that must inevitably function negatively when acted upon negatively. Change perspective so that you position yourself to re-capture being in control of your actions and many concepts change to a positive meaning. This post was published in under karma has a new opponent. and she might be worst




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