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Articles Read this week (Jan. 13)

Posted on: January 13, 2011

Arab Sex Art More stats 123
Home page More stats 74
Who planned the 9/11/2001 attack on Twin Towers?? More stats 42
I like this Girl More stats 23
Is violence increasing? Natural versus developed violence. More stats 20
Sex Preparations before wedding night More stats 20
“Opus Pistorum” (porno) More stats 17
Temporary marriage contracts: Sigheh and city of Mashhad (Iran) More stats 14
Tits sucking: Global brotherhood Fatwa More stats 12
Islam is one of the “heretic” Christian-Jewish sects More stats 12
Biography: Al-Walid Bin Talal More stats 11
Persia during the Arab Caliphate Empire (651 to 1500 AC) (Part 5) More stats 9
Forced reforms and atrocities go hand in hand: Peter “The Great” of Russia (1672-1727) More stats 9
Sex for a Sufi More stats 8
The “Good man” of (Confucius -551-479): Practice moral values first then, study More stats 7
Led by women: US Labor movements (1840-1860) More stats 7
Season of Migration to the North More stats 7
Virgin Mary: from the town of Qana in Lebanon? More stats 6
Traditional Wedding: Kuwait More stats 5
“Condoleezza Rice”: Remember her? Bush Jr. State Secretary? More stats 5
Diaries of a Saudi “Princess” More stats 5
“The social structure of Lebanon: democracy or servitude?” More stats 5
Old soul and re-incarnation: Shrimad Raj Chandra (1867-1901) More stats 5
“Carlos Ghosn: Citizen of the World” More stats 5
About More stats 5
Who are the “emerging nations”? Arranging the dots properly More stats 5
(part 1) Human Types: Essence and the Enneagram More stats 4
Rogue Superpower States flaunting UN human rights Charter More stats 4
“The Gospel according to Pilate” More stats 4
Turkey: A Regional Power out of hibernation More stats 4
Henry Miller’s purely porno book More stats 4
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969): Vietnam Communist but Nationalist by choice More stats 4
“The library closed down: The old wise man died” More stats 4
Second redundant hole by my asshole More stats 4
“Prestige and Infamy”: Homosexual discrimination? More stats 3
Nude dancers: Introspection More stats 3
How Sudan to fair? After Referendum to partitioning a nation? More stats 3
“I heard the owl call my name” More stats 3
Sources of misogyny in Islam: not from the Prophet at all More stats 3
A Turkish cultural movement: Fathallah Gulan? More stats 3
Part One: First love of Gibran K Gibran: Josephine Peabody More stats 3
2010 in review: From stats helper monkeys at More stats 3
Part two: Who is Josephine Peabody (Gibran K Gibran first true love)? More stats 3
Is there an ego? Do you feel bad acting out your ego? More stats 3
Simon Bolivar (1783-1830): “Slavery is the worst human indignity” More stats 3
What! Savages and primitive tribes? More stats 3
“Manifest Destiny” of America: Any serious consequences? More stats 3
Swine flu: Are women more exposed and vulnerable? More stats 3
Love: Women in Islam (Part 9) More stats 3
Bad Boy Bubby More stats 3
Sigheh: Temporary marriage contracts More stats 3
Date Zero: Is Pre-Islamic period untouchable to investigation More stats 3
Welcome to global sex market More stats 3
Justice and myths: Pre-Islam Arab cultures More stats 3
More Copper Reserves for China More stats 2
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) failed in its mission More stats 2
Freikorps (Voluntary Military Corps): Precursors of Nazi “Waffen SS” More stats 2
Warlord Tamerlane saved Europe Renaissance More stats 2
Hassan Nasr Allah (Good God’s Victory): Biography More stats 2
“Aicha la bien-aime du Prophet” by Genevieve Chauvel More stats 2
What is this notion of modern “Tribe”? Is nomadic life-style back in favor? More stats 2
Iran: Hussein, Karbala, Ashura, Shias, Ayatollah marjaa, Wilayat fakih,… More stats 2
What is your race; I mean “ethnic origin”? More stats 2
Wars, casualties, and duration in the last two centuries More stats 2
Part 2. Wet-Nurse city of laws: Beirut of Lebanon (Beryte during Roman Empire) More stats 2
Monolithic religions (revisited) More stats 2
Medina, the first Islam City-State More stats 2
“Psychological barriers?” What’s that! More stats 2
Wisest General: All-Time Hannibal More stats 2
Research on brain or mind: How done? More stats 2
Incomplete: Simplify (Einstein, Godel, Turing, Chaitin…) More stats 2
Multinationals do NOT speculate! Accurate timely information win every transaction More stats 2
“Any treatments for the crazy noises I constantly hear?” More stats 2
What is “Syria National Social Party”? More stats 2
What is karma? Can we redefine it to be a positive force? More stats 2
New generation: Newer brain structure More stats 2
Judas Iscariot: Following orders? More stats 2
Part 2. Origins of Jesus Christ More stats 2
Inaam Raad of (Syria Nation Socialist Party): Biography More stats 2
Ultra orthodox Jews in Israel have lost it More stats 2
“Beryte School of law” by Joy Tabet More stats 2
Boat immigrants and desert passers More stats 2
Averroes (1126-1198): Civilization after Ibn Rushd of Cordoba More stats 2
Otherwise, the next holocaust is imminent More stats 2
Near East: Levant Union States? More stats 2
The Jante Law: Mediocrity is King More stats 2
Charles Darwin (1809-1882): Power of scientists’ cooperation More stats 2
Three Global Temptations: What of collective instinct to survive? More stats 2
Sex Tales More stats 2
Incarcerated as potential trouble makers: Elementary or Elemental? More stats 2
Has the unemployed reach 20%? Then what? More stats 2
Wetware: Lego genetic game? More stats 1
Love Tales More stats 1
Part 7: “On the wild trails of Mount Lebanon” More stats 1
Democracy in Islam: What kinds? More stats 1
How human parts are disposed of in hospitals? More stats 1
Listed this week (Dec. 23) More stats 1
Biter-sweet Euro: Before and after Greece More stats 1
Cholera: The Greek Thucydides Story More stats 1
Complete story of Jesus’ visit to Jerusalem More stats 1
Why Hitler invaded Russia: Cycle closing in again? More stats 1
Beirut: Crazy Demographics More stats 1
Maid living in the Mistress house? More stats 1
“The sirens of the Levant (Near East)” More stats 1
Memoirs of a Nobel Peace Prize on Iran Islamic Revolution More stats 1
Autobiography of a monk: In 5th century Alexandria More stats 1
The Unpublished Unifying Book More stats 1
“Culture and resistance” by Edward W. Said More stats 1
Civilization Before: Ibn Rushd (Averroes)of Cordoba More stats 1
Mono-idolatry (monolatry) or monotheism? More stats 1
Africa is targeted to be exclusively the world’s food basket More stats 1
No Representation without taxes: Oil producing States More stats 1
The General said: “I emulated Captain Mason: He is our National Hero” More stats 1
All the hard drugs you need: Available in the family medicine cabinet? More stats 1
Moslem/Arab women are unfurling their wings More stats 1
“Graphene Valley”: Where and when? More stats 1
Concise Political Islam: Three tendencies More stats 1
How High-Energy people recharge? More stats 1
Lacking a National identity? Is it a big deal? More stats 1
Why scholars must oppose Aristotle’s positions to his teacher’s Platon? More stats 1
Damascus saved the ancient Greek culture More stats 1
Catalyst for happiness: Sharing Energy loaded activities More stats 1
natural sciences and people’s behavior sciences” More stats 1
“Take that dog, pour on kerosine, and burn it”: Order literally obeyed More stats 1
Working Democracy: Valuing politics and respecting politicians More stats 1
Time changed: Your kids are updating your language More stats 1
Part Five: “On the wild trails of Mount Lebanon” More stats 1
Islam: Legislating in Medina (Part 2) More stats 1
Who are the Israelites? From Abraham to the Macabe Kingdom (Chapter one) More stats 1
“Sophie’s World” on Hellenism More stats 1
The under-developed countries are plagued with common diseases: any Resolutions? More stats 1
Maimonides (1138-1204) resurrects Ibn Rushd (Averroes) rational works More stats 1
King cobra may kill female if rebuffed? More stats 1
Turkey is currently the main cornerstone regional power More stats 1
Julia or Julie More stats 1
Accursed Indexing by the Vatican: Burned alive authors (Part 1 More stats 1
We want your forests of hinoki More stats 1
George Mitchell and I More stats 1
El Haj: “A mystic trip” by Ilija Trojanow More stats 1
Jesus is denied the Sanhedrin More stats 1
list of posts from August 22 to 26, 2009 More stats 1
“I killed Scheherazade” More stats 1
This rude lacks sense of humor More stats 1
New way of raising your child? More stats 1
Hundreds of Prophets later More stats 1
The world’s food basket: Africa is heaven for agro-business investments; part 2. More stats 1
Famous Manuscripts Banned by the Vatican: (Part 2, More stats 1
Reactions to Seduction, Love, and Sex Tales More stats 1
Greedy Financial Managers say: “Blame it on greedy human nature” More stats 1
“Human Types: Essence and the Enneagram” (part 2) More stats 1
Nirvana or samsara: Wrong interpretations to living? More stats 1
“Harry Stott: Ancient black Greek philosopher”; More stats 1
Free-Trade Zones in the Middle East More stats 1
“Go Moses; take my hand” More stats 1
Iran: Why the 5 superpowers agreed on the embargo? More stats 1
Modern Europe: Re-defines Christianity More stats 1
Misha is the Idiot dog of the neighborhood More stats 1
“The Princes of the Crazy Years” More stats 1
The Worst Discriminators More stats 1
list of short poems More stats 1
Cloning therapy: not a science fiction More stats 1
Part two: Twilight of philosophy and dawn of philo-ethics More stats 1
Urban and warlike civilizations More stats 1
Reversing roles: Amateurish/professional jobs More stats 1
MBA mania: Introspection More stats 1
“Fahrenheit 451″ More stats 1
Part 5. Nietzsche: “Christianity is a carbon copy of Judaism” More stats 1
International Court Tribunal for genocides: do execute! More stats 1
Women: Urban and rural More stats 1
More stats 1
“As a flowing River” by Paulo Coelho (Book Review) More stats 1
“Development programs in Africa are planned poverty” More stats 1
Promised Paradise: All the way on Nahr Ibrahim River (Lebanon) More stats 1
The sticky Sesame Street program More stats 1
Minorities in the Process of Disappearing: Iraq More stats 1
Beit-Chabab (Lebanon): Introspection More stats 1
More stats 1
Part 6: “Wild trails of Mount Lebanon” More stats 1
Cartoons: What politicians said in 2010 More stats 1
  More stats 1

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