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Check-mate Israel: Last Strategic ally down in region (Egypt)

Israel has no longer any strategic allies in the region (on its borders), not even minor allies:  The people in the region guarantee that no State regime in the region will dare schmooze and negotiate with any Israeli leader who refuses a Palestinian State and support the resumption of building in occupied land and is not serious of transferring the Jews of colonies in occupied land back to Israel.

Not a single State around Israel is scared of Israel’s military retaliation of any kind: the people have risen from the ashes of humiliation and imposed foreign policies.

(Only this obscurantist Saudi monarchy is the last steady ally to Israel and against all Arabic States that it view as a menace to this monarchy…)

The regime of Shah of Iran has long vanished since 1979, Turkey has been alienated and Israel still refuses to apologize for the crime against the peace boat incident, Mubarak of Egypt is down.  Tunisia of Ben Ali is down; the people in Jordan are putting the squeeze on the Hashemite monarch; the people in Lebanon have fired ex-PM Saad Hariri; the Palestinian Authority is discredited with the latest WikiLeaks and Hamas of Gaza and the West Bank are is on the ascendance.

The policies of the US for establishing the so-called Greater Middle East is down the drain:  the US invasion of Iraq has been routed; the US troops in Afghanistan are readying to retreat from a war that cannot be won; the credibility in the sanity of the US Administration’s policies in the Middle East region has disintegrated; the faulty programs of the International Monetary Funds have not been revised for transparency and discussion with the concerned parties that led to the latest upheaval in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen.

Israel is no longer in a position to play coy and humiliate the US and everybody else during the negotiation of a Palestinian State, not even Saeb Erakat, one of lame and cowardly Palestinian negotiators.  The crude statement of Tzipi Livni  (Israel ex-foreign affairs minister) “To create your Palestinian State, you have got to agree with Israel in advance on everything.  Your only choice is to relinquish any choices in the future.  Those are the founding bases for negotiation” is one of Israeli posturing relegated to history bins.

The new Palestinian State demands total withdrawal of Israeli troops to the 1967 border; it demands the dismantling of all the Jewish colonies in occupied land; it refuses swapping small portions of lands to legitimizing forced settlement; it wants borders with Jordan and Egypt, it wants and an international airport and a maritime port and full autonomy.  The new Palestinian State, recognized by Russia, most of Latin American States, and Cyprus refuses to be totally dependent on Israel economy, finance, and military support.

The leaders of the Palestinian Authority, those self-appointed President, PM, and negotiators in the name of the Palestinian people (in the West Bank, in Gaza, in refugee camps all around the world…) that refused to have another democratic election for fear of Hamas winning all the way, have been under contemptible situations as leaks of their cowardly negotiations with Israel surfaced in the public domain.

A new election for the Palestinian people is necessary before the resumption of any “peace talk” with the extremist Israeli government.

The cooperation of this defunct Palestinian Authority of Abu Abbass and company with Israel in capturing and assassinating Hamas operators, under the excuse that the Oslo agreement in 1993 to safeguarding Israel’s security, is null and void.  A new generation of Palestinians demand drastic reforms and dignity; they are denying their political leaders to continue  functioning under a prison mentality.

This masquerade of offering free parcels of land to Israel, a parcel from here and a parcel from there and pretty soon there is no land to giving away, is no longer accepted.  The quarters of Har Homa, Gilo, the Armenian quarters, Ariel, and Maaleh Adumin belong to East Jerusalem, the Capital of the Palestinian State.

The oligarchic style of governance of the Palestinian Authority needs to be reformed to a democratic constitution:  currently, the Palestinians living in Jerusalem would rather apply for Israel citizenship, if given choices, and refrain from living under abject conditions and lacking basic rights under this rotten Authority.

The Palestinians living in Israel and having Israeli citizenship and passport have to be included in the negotiation as a full concerned party.  A unified negotiating team, including all the major factions, especially Hamas, is the only viable alternative to resuming a dead negotiation process.

Israel had a window of opportunity to live in peace in 1993 after the Oslo agreement, but it preferred to play the bully, its favorite game. Israel is experiencing a check-mate move:  No free oil from Egypt or Saudi Arabia; no free water from Syria or Lebanon; no free occupied land by force or negotiations; no makeshift democratic mask that the Western States can no longer sustain with the latest public Israeli policies reinforcing the apartheid and racist activities.

Down with the Wall of Shame separating people along the dividing line.

Time for Israel to deal with the UN Charters for human rights, prisoners rights, legal prosecution processes, crimes against humanity, sex market, slave market, drugs market, arms market.

Note 1:  Mubarak is denied political refugee status everywhere, even in Saudi Arabia.  Otherwise, Mubarak would have resigned a couple of days ago.  The US Administration is calling around to finding a resting location for Mubarak.  I suggest that the UN designate an Island State to be the refuge to all deposed Presidents in order to save thousands of casualties in mass upheavals.

Note 2:  You may read my post  “The next holocaust”




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