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The January revolution of the century: Great people of Egypt

Posted on: February 1, 2011

What a waste!  Thousand of foreigners are fleeing Egypt while the revolution of the century is unfolding in front of their eyes.  Couldn’t you wait another day? The greatest events will happen after Mubarak flees to London:  Aren’t you excited how the Egyptian people want to reform their political structure?

What is happening in Egypt is far-reaching to the Middle East and to many “democratic States” around the world.  The people in Egypt, the downtrodden, have already changed the structure of the regime and elected popular leaders from the masses by constituting local committees and ensuring security and sustainability of the uprising.  The army of the people is a great boost.

No political parties took the lead or demanded this mass upheaval.  This is a Great Revolution and will surely emerge in a successful peaceful transition for the interest of not only 80 million Egyptian but hundreds of millions under oligarchic regimes.

I believe that mass upheavals cannot be sustained without great women leading in the front rows of marches:  Women in Egypt will be recognized as the leading revolutionary around the world.

If the October revolution in Russia of 1917 changed the world last century, and barely lasted 70 years, this mass popular and sustained revolution in Egypt is the popular revolution of this century:  A turning point. This revolution is a beacon to all people living in so-called “democratic States” but lacking equitable and fair election laws that represent the entire population.

We are watching the revolution of Egypt now, we are riveted to our cables and mesmerized by this surge of energy and confidence delivered by a people thought to be sleeping in caves; but tomorrow will unfold the kinds of metal and far-reaching democratic spirit Egypt is reserving to the entire world.  The domino effects is not reserved to oligarchic regimes:  watch out faked “democratic regimes”: The power is not the domain of the elite classes, the old-money, the cartels of multinational institutions, the wealthy, and the professional politicians.

Power is in the hand of the people who want liberty, freedom, opportunities for a better future:  We are all entitled for dignity and a place under this glorious sun.

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