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We have so many reforms to catch up with civilized nations and laws that match the UN Charters of super laws.  We are hungry, lacking potable water, and electricity.  Basic goods for survival have tripled in price and still, we have no government:  The last one that ruled for a year failed to achieve a single promise.  And the Lebanese survived; for how long before mass demonstrations, more violent and determined than the Egyptians are,  to get on the march?  We have got to get ready and pressure this convoluted stupid process of forming government to start working.  Bring in the tents, sleeping bags, and backpack.  Bring in all your family members:  We will party as a united people: We want a government now!

So the numbers of Moslem and Christian “citizens” should be equally represented in governments, Parliaments, and public service positions…Any problems to forming a government? We can find qualified ministers, in equal religious affiliation divides, educated, energetic, clean of crimes, and ready to get on with the business of caring to all the citizens, regardless of sect affiliation, gender, districts, and class wealth.

We have four “recognized” Moslem or Moslem kinds of sects; we have 15 recognized Christian or Christian kinds sects (constituting barely 25% of the population) that are vying for representation.  Any problem to forming a government?  We can find 19 qualified ministers, educated, energetic, clean of crimes, and ready to get on with the business of caring to all the citizens, regardless of sect affiliation, gender, districts, and class wealth.  So what!  We have great people in every sect to represent all Lebanese and work consciously for the interest of a democratic and independent Lebanon. Let Mikati PM select 19 hard-working, professional, honest ministers from the various sects.  We don’t need superfluous “Super Ministers” with no ministry to run or jobs to do!  We want a government now.

So the Moslem Shia sect citizens constitute more than 45% of the “informal” population (we have never conducted a formal census in the last 60 years in order not to divulge the correct proportions among sects), the Sunnis another 30% and all the Christians about 25%.  So what?  Why should we be so uptight about proportional sectarian representation?  Aren’t we a secular State?  I mean, that’s the wishes of the naive newer generations who take for granted western propaganda of the benefit and equitable modern representation in democratic systems?

We have so many reforms to catch up with as a civilized nation in order to function as a responsible society, but we want a government to be formed soon to tackle problems and difficulties congested in this bottle neck of a functioning government.

Lebanon is not Iraq and does not need 7 months to form a government that pleases the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Iran…:  We have no foreign troops on our lands.  We don’t have to wait months for every new designated Prime Minister to constitute a government.   Maybe the Lebanese are used to function without a government, but this should no longer be the norm.  In Lebanon, all we have to please is Syria:  It is the function of Syria to please the US, the EU, Saudi Arabia, and especially Iran.  I suggest that Mikati PM stop taking up the precious time of our President Suleiman and run the government version to Bashar Assad first.  We just want a government soon.

We have no Israeli, Syrian, US troops, or “multinational coalition forces” to impose peace and security on our land.  The Lebanese Resistance  forces kicked out Israel from the south in 2000  and defeated Israel preemptive incursion in 2006.  The Syrian troops and intelligence services had vacated the land in 2005.  We have no reason to bow and accept this recurring humiliating scenarios of waiting for months for the formation of a government.

We don’t want to be waiting for the International Court for Lebanon to present its preliminary indictments in order to form a responsible government.  What is the job of a government except preempting coming calamities? We resent that Lebanon has been under UN mandated power for the last 5 years; we refuse to keep waiting for every events and trouble in the region to be solved before we get on with business.

I suggest that Mikati PM forms a government of 23 ministers at most:  We have no money for superfluous ministers with no tangible jobs and responsibilities.  Anyway, most of our ministries are not funded:  They are basically a desk and a chair for a minister to sit on.  It is logical that the previous opposition parties that fired Saad Hariri, and are now the majority in the Parliament, retain their “veto numbers” of a third plus one ministers. The remaining ministers should be morally sound technocrats appealing to Mikati and the President of the Republic. The finance and justice ministries should be in the hands of the opposition block since Saad was fired based on mishandling the finances of the State, of highway robbery in the treasury, and procrastinating in his decision for safeguarding the internal stability of Lebanon regarding the mandated power of the UN over Lebanon.

We want a government now Mr. Mikati!

The Egyptians and Tunisians revolted and got organized without the help and guidance of any political party.  We, the Lebanese, don’t need to be waiting for every feudal and sectarian “leader” to give us any damned green light to get on the march and moving toward serious reforms.  We want a bold and functional government now.

We should have our tents, sleeping bags, and backpack ready for the first serious obstacle to forming a government.  Bring in all your family members:  We will party as a united people: We want a government now!

We will not leave until a government is formed.  Our lame leaders are not as stupid and mule-minded as Mubarak of Egypt is.  We, the Lebanese, have demonstrated that we can be as determined and united as the great people of Egypt.

Guys, we have a large window of opportunity to send a firm message: “This vicious cycles of spending months catering to every whim of every feudal, sectarian, and cartel party leader is no longer appetizing to our palate.  We are hungry, frustrated, and angrier than a wasp.  Lebanon political structure is to be reformed, and this is as good a time as ever.”

Bring in the tents, sleeping bags, and backpack.  Bring in all your family members:  We will party as a united people: We want a government now!

Note:  Since we need a reduced government and the number of sects to satisfy is large then, a few sects will be more represented proportionally.  For example, in a government of 22 ministers, the quota of equality in number among Moslems and Christian sects may produce the following account:  4 ministers Shias, 4 Sunnis, 2 Druze, one Allawi. On the Christian side, we could have 3 Maronites, 2 Greek Orthodox, 1 Greek Catholic, and 5 other minority Christian sects (out of the 12) that can be permutated in following successive government formation.

I wrote in a previous article that “Israel has no longer any strategic allies in the region, not even minor allies:  The people in the region guarantee that no State regime in the region will dare schmooze and negotiate with any Israeli leader who refuses a Palestinian State, support the resumption of building in occupied land, and is not serious of transferring the Jews of colonies in occupied land back to Israel. Not a single State around Israel is scared of Israel’s military retaliation of any kind: the people have risen from the ashes of humiliation and imposed foreign policies.

The regime of Shah of Iran has long vanished since 1979, Turkey has been alienated and Israel still refuses to apologize for the crime against the peace boat incident, Mubarak of Egypt is down.  Tunisia of Ben Ali is down; the people in Jordan are putting the squeeze on the Hashemite monarch; the people in Lebanon have fired ex-PM Saad Hariri; the Palestinian Authority is discredited with the latest WikiLeaks and Hamas of Gaza and the West Bank are is on the ascendance.”

Fact is, Israel shares two common denominators with Lebanon and the Palestinian people.

First, Lebanon political system comprehends that to sustain security and stability it must support a stable Syria and satisfy its strategic policies in Lebanon.  The same mentality coincides in the relationship between Israel and Egypt:  Israel considered in the last 30 years that its stability is strategically linked to a stable and secure Egypt.  There is a single fundamental difference:  While the Lebanese share strategic, social, trades, historic, and geopolitical features with the Syrians, what the Israelis share with the Egyptians?  A “peace treaty” signed by Egyptian dictators?

Second, Israel and the Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza are totally dependent on the European States economic and financial support; not just for long-term development but actually for daily survival. Period!

Thus, Israel believed that it could flaunt the US policies for a Palestinian State as long as Egypt is stable and secure; Egypt closing its borders with Gaza; Egypt harassing Hamas for various reasons; Egypt supporting and planning Israel preemptive wars against Hezbollah and Hamas in Gaza…

Israel should no longer expect free oil and gas from Egypt.  What is this deal signed in 2005 for Israel to getting Egyptian gas paying just one dollar when the market price is $85 per million unit of gas?  No more free phosphate from Jordan.  No more free water from Lebanon and Syria.  No more lands by force or negotiations. No more moving nuclear submarines through the Suez Canal…

The policies of the US for establishing the so-called Greater Middle East is down the drain:  the US invasion of Iraq has been routed; the US troops in Afghanistan are readying to retreat from a war that cannot be won; the credibility in the sanity of the US Administration’s policies in the Middle East region has disintegrated; the faulty programs of the International Monetary Funds have not been revised for transparency and discussion with the concerned parties that led to the latest upheaval in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen.

Israel has to come down its high horses:  Israel is a tiny and artificial State, barely surviving on the economic and financial support of the European Union and the USA; Israel depends on subsidized goods and preferential status for open market in the European markets.

Israel is no longer in a position to play coy and humiliate the US and everybody else during the negotiation of a Palestinian State, not even Saeb Erakat, one of lame and cowardly Palestinian negotiators.  The crude statement of Tzipi Livni  (Israel ex-foreign affairs minister) “To create your Palestinian State, you have got to agree with Israel in advance on everything.  Your only choice is to relinquish any choices in the future.  Those are the founding bases for negotiation” is one of Israeli posturing relegated to history bins.

The Palestinian State in formation, already recognized by Russia, most of Latin American States, and Cyprus, refuses to be totally dependent on Israel economy, finance, and military support.  The Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza will demand total withdrawal of Israeli troops to the 1967 border; it demands the dismantling of all the Jewish colonies in occupied land; it refuses swapping small portions of lands to legitimizing forced settlement; it wants borders with Jordan and Egypt, it wants and an international airport and a maritime port and full autonomy.  A new election for the Palestinian people is necessary before the resumption of any “peace talk” with the extremist Israeli government and all the major Palestinian factions, including Hamas, will be represented in the negotiation team.

This masquerade of offering free parcels of land to Israel, a parcel from here and a parcel from there and pretty soon there is no land to giving away, is no longer accepted.  The quarters of Har Homa, Gilo, the Armenian quarters, Ariel, and Maaleh Adumin belong to East Jerusalem, the Capital of the Palestinian State.

Israel has a new window of opportunity to live in peace . Israel shred to pieces the Oslo agreement of 1993 and is refusing to return occupied lands in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.  This makeshift democratic mask, hiding blatant apartheid policies, can no longer be sustained by the Western States with the frequent public Israeli policies reinforcing the apartheid and racist activities.

Israel has to fulfill two requirements for short-term peace and security.  First, Israel has to return all conquered lands in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. Second, it has to facilitate the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, the sooner the better.  Israel has to desist demanding unfeasible conditions such as Syria disengaging from Iran or pressuring Hezbollah to disarm.

The long-term strategic policy to living in peace and be accepted in the region is for Israel to start demonstrating that it has the interests of all the people in the region as her own for survival and human development:  What rational State refuses to comprehend this basic requirement?

Down with the Wall of Shame separating people along the dividing line.  Time for Israel to deal with the UN Charters for human rights, prisoners rights, legal prosecution processes, crimes against humanity, sex market, slave market, drugs market, arms market.




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