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The more stubborn is the despised Mubarak the more determined the Egyptians are into organizing a democratic shadow government.  Pretty soon, it is the revolutionary committees that will be running the country, the Suez Canal, the ports and airports, the ministry of interior, the social affairs, the hospital and education facilities and institutions…

The longer the US and the EU delay the departure of Mubarak for an extensive leave of absence, the more certain that the old guards in this dictatorship regime will be discredited worldwide and all their atrocities, crimes against humanity, and highway robberies exposed.

Lawyers, judges, journalists, professors, engineering organizations have fired their impotent appointed chairmen and joined the demonstrators in every city in Egypt.

If anyone still is apprehensive that the Egyptians are going home and let their prison guards keep their standing power then he may rest assured that the first whiffs of freedom have gathered wind and a strong storm is gathering strength at its epicenter at Tahrir Square. Friday is the D-Day for landing at the Presidential Palace and storming public TV building and news ministry.

The army delay for any decisive action against the revolution means that the army of the people, soldiers having relatives among the million of demonstrators, is also discussing their real job that was denied them for 30 years:  Defending the territory and dignity of the Egyptian people.   The soldiers of the army of the people might decide to be represented in the government:  They are poor, under trained, hungry, lacking opportunities for advances and re-education…

The army of the people has been kept as backup forces to quelling military coups, but why should he mistreat his hungry and sick brothers and sisters who descended peacefully in order to be fed properly, find a job, get treated from his curable diseases, have opportunities for a better living conditions? The army of the people is waiting for the Standing President to vacate before fully supporting the  revolt and claiming their rights in the coming democracy.

About 2 million Egyptians have attempted suicide in their life and suffering from acute depression.  45% of the Egyptians are surviving on one dollar a day while the Mubarak family has accumulated $70 billion trading financial transactions at the expense of the daily bread of the 85 million Egyptians.  90% of Egyptians under 30 of age are jobless and Egypt is a young population.

Egypt has lost its position in the Arab and African World simply to satisfying Israel and US exigencies of a “peace treaty” that was used to trample the dignity and development of the Egyptians.

This funny people, still able to laugh, invent crazy jokes, and have good time under sniper bullets and hooligans attacks have erected tents and made Tahrir Square (Liberation) home:  Beds, movable kitchens, transportable bakeries and stands are thrown around catering for the masses of the millions.  Women are leading the organization of the Tahrir Square Home and the Egyptians are there until the last figure of the old guard is investigated and prosecuted.

The longer this revolt the better; protracted and determined revolts evolve into reality shadow government and “what democratic system” we want is fine-tuned.  And “what kinds of reforms we want” is clarified before equitable and fair election laws are voted on that would generate a fair representation of the need of the people.




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