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There are many common denominators among the conditions in the US, Tunisia, Egypt, and Bahrein, and yet the US youth have not been taking to the streets and squares demanding serious reforms.

The multinational financial institutions have done as many damages in the US as in these States that revolted lately:  The business trades of the multinational financial enterprises didn’t increase economic growth anywhere in the world in the last three decades.  All that these multinationals did is widening the gap between the rich and the poor financially; and this process was the same everywhere under all kinds of political systems and regimes: democratic, communist, socialist, oligarchic, monarchic….Under all kinds of development stages in States: economically, institutionally, educationally…

The majority of mass demonstrators are youth, mostly educated young people with no opportunities to finding proper work unless backed by higher up politicians in the system.

The youth have reached the certain convictions that the future is never to be any better under the same political system.

The youth have reached the certain conviction that their dignity has been baffled and they were treated with total contempt as non-entities.

The youth reached the conviction that their State is a total lackey to foreign interests and pressures and that their nationality is being diminished overseas and blatantly discriminated against.

The social platforms have demonstrated to the youth that they are the same everywhere in the world, sharing the same desires, wishes, and dissatisfaction; regardless of gender, race, religion, or development levels.

Social platforms showed the youth that they all have the same potentials and capabilities for intelligence proficiencies and capacity for development in all branches of studies.

Social platforms excited the imagination of youth to get connected and communicate their hopes, feeling, and desires for a better life.

Social platforms proved without a shadow of a doubt that earth is sick and it is the collective work that can change the trend; that biodiversity is in danger and they were not asked to contribute to a better future; that the environment is degrading and the developped nations are doing more harm to mankind than extending help and cure.

Social platforms demonstrated that youth have the same capabilities and limitations as any other youth around the world.  So why they should be subjugated by infamy, superstitions, discriminated against, belittled?  Why?

Is youth in the US practically illiterate and contented with minimum wages at fast food chains, giant consumer products chains…?  Have youth in the US been overshadowed and eclipsed by the vigor and zest for acquiring knowledge by the “developing youth”?

Have the youth in the US been subjugated by the propaganda that their political and social systems cannot be reformed and that they lack the power to demand their vital human rights?

In the last three decades, medical professionals have been warning mature people to avoid eating meat, egg, and milk:  Cardiovascular problems are the number one killer from high cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and…  Actually, eating meat, egg, and milk produced in industrial farms causes more deaths from ingesting resistant bacteria to antibiotics.  How that?

In the US, Canada, and Australia you have giant industrial animal farms, larger than entire villages.  Cattle, pig, and volatile are not fed with their natural food:  They eat cereals, of the same kind you eat, to fatten them quickly, with one difference.   The cereals of these farms are manufactured loaded with growth hormone and all varieties of antibiotics for “preventive reason”  so that the “edible” beasts do not get sick before they are slaughtered.  Cow can be sent to slaughter in half the time it normally take to fatten.

For example, in the US, the farm animals consume 70% of all antibiotics produced in the USA or 12,000 tons (while people in underdeveloped countries are dying of curable diseases).  The consequence is that the meat of these animals are infected with all kinds of virulent bacteria that are resistant to all the antibiotics they regurgitated.  Who die from eating cow, pig, chicken meat and products?  Mankind!

The bacteria E-Coli, Clostridium or C-difficile, flesh-eating bacteria (Meleney syndrome), golden Staphilicocci (Sarm), and streptococci  are rampant and killing thousands around the world.  Community cases of these resistant bacteria have increased from 6% to 25% in less than one decade.  The number of these dangerous cases has increased 17 folds in hospitals in one decade.

People raising pigs in the Netherlands are 760 times more prone or susceptible to catching the resistant bacteria than other people.  A sample of Sarm from a single industrially raised animal can be responsible for 20% of cases in the Netherlands.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that “this crisis is a menace to the entire world and might deprive us from the possibility of treating a variety of infectious diseases.”

For example, tuberculosis, scarlatina, diphtheria, syphilis, meningitis,… and other common diseases that can be treated might resurface as resistant bacteria if no new more powerful antibiotics are not invented.  It is to be remembered that one out of 4 people died of tuberculosis in the northern hemisphere half a century ago!

The European Union has banned supplying antibiotics in animal farm food.  This ban has increased by only 12 cents the kilo of meat.  Isn’t it worth the new increase in price and saving the trillion of dollars spent on health for diseases that should not be there in the first place?

Note:  Industrial cattle farms are the most polluting for the surrounding environment.  Methane gas (20 times worse than CO2) are emitted by cows and herbivores in large quantities.

I am addressing the people in the northern hemisphere as I closed shops between December 15 to March 5:  It is winter and pretty cold.  You are entitled to close shop at different periods, especially in the southern hemisphere, or during the extreme hot season when mosquitos and flies drive you crazy and electrical energy is scarce or too expensive to make a profit having air condition on.

We don’t have to emulate or imitate the animal kingdoms in this period of the year:  What we want is NOT to subjugate mankind to this insane forced work habit during crazy climatic periods.

Why do you have to commute for hours to your workplace and suffer traffic accidents, catch the flu from employees and workers, swine flu, bird flu, fish flu?  Why do we have to drive on slippery roads, dirty highways, and take several trains and buses for several hours trips, in this harsh climate, just to put in 8 hours of work, everyday, somewhere away from home.  Why bike in dangerous climatic conditions?  Since when have we become so crazy?  Free men, even slaves would have rebelled and knocked down the house!

Work places used to be at walking distance and people could go home and have lunch and see their children.  Why schools have to start at 7 am in the winter season?  Are children to be penalized because teachers and parents have to go to work early?

I closed shop from December 15 to march 5: I cannot afford to locate employees at walking distance to the workplace.  Employees will receive full payment of the entire month on December 15 for the Christmas extra expenses, 75% on January and 50% on February.  Bonuses will be paid on first of April, on April’s Fool if the employees return to work on March 5.

Employees may consider that period as a sabbatical gesture to continue their education, find another more satisfying job, read a lot, write, publish, get down on house chores, helping raising the family and not having this stupid reason “I am off to work, honey”.  Any problem cutting down on luxury expenses for a couple of months to enjoy home life-style?

I have no enterprise; I am asking you to imagine that you have an ice cream factory.  Would you run this factory in cold winter season where people don’t have the means to warm up and have to cut down trees to cooking their daily meal?

Isn’t the southern hemisphere sustaining the northern hemisphere during the cold season?  Isn’t this behavior what mankind cooperation is all about?  Isn’t a good sustainable investment to promote world cooperation during harsher season and saving on redundant energy waste and effectively cutting down health cost and people well-being?

We don’t have to emulate or imitate the animal kingdoms but we do learn their behaviors:  Accumulating fat and protein for the bad season.  Let’s store food for the bad seasons and let people in every hemisphere find jobs and export what is necessary for each season.




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