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How many graduates you know whose jobs are selling products? For example, water coolers, water purifiers, air conditioning systems, solar panels, heating “systems”…insurance products, recreation services…The irony is that all these graduates never received salesmanship courses or training!  “Hi. I am an engineer; I am more believable if I say that my product is better than the competitors…” As if this engineer was given the opportunity to analyse and study competitive products!

How many graduates you know who actually do design products, workstations, safer systems, healthier environment…the main purpose for studying engineering?  How many redesign better systems for safer and healthier usage and applications?  How many learned to develop a scientific reasoning for designing experiments?

I don’t mind that specific universities or educational institutions are designed as financial holding companies to producing “student products” for targeted industrial companies with special specifications and criteria.  What I mind is that these educational institutions declare frankly and “transparently”  their mission of producing practical knowledge for unchallenged students geared toward earning quick money.

What I mind is that a few university declare that their mission is forming well-rounded knowledge, encouraging creative thinking, supporting unconventional projects, backing non-conformist research topics, going all along students determination for non-conservative approaches and design alternatives…

What I mind is that certain universities declare their independence from missions orders dictated by multinational enterprises and actually sticking to their declared policies of refusing any funding with strings attached…

What I mind is that a few educational institutions unconditionally admit all the downtrodden, the workers, the lower middle class students with no pre-sorting tests of any kinds.  Just let those possessing the passion for knowledge to get in, experience a climate of free expression, liberty of opinion, communicating with other class groups, ethnic diversity… Discovering the kind of passions for fields of knowledge they were not exposed to and had no opportunity to come across in these  life-divide social and political systems…

“Friday of Wrath” is back; consistently every Friday and Saturday. Millions of citizens in dozen of Arab States are chanting for change and reforms of dictatorship, absolute monarchies, and One-Party regimes.

In Tunisia and Egypt, the mass demonstrators are reminding the temporary “care-takers” of the governments of promised reforms, to be resumed in quick pace.  In Yemen and Bahrein the mass demonstrators are adamant: “Down to the rulers”.  In Iraq, Algeria, Jordan, and Morocco “We need reforms NOW; we want constitutional monarchy, republican democracy, and government not appointed by the US occupying forces.”

In Libya, Qadhafi and his African mercenaries are retreating and entire provinces are free from the domination of a clown and 9 savage sons and daughters for 42 years.  The danger is that the superpowers are concocting a devilish scheme of a UN mandated power on Libya after Qadhafi: Oil production, stupid, and at “reasonable prices”.  Remember Lebanon?  For 6 years, Lebanon has been under UN mandated power via the International Court for the assassination of Rafiq Hariri PM; a court mainly politically oriented to destabilize the Lebanese community.

Are consistent verbal threats convincing? What are the latest Hillary’s posturing guiding revolutionary masses in the Arab World?

I feel very upset when I hear and read editorials proclaiming the entire mass upheavals in the Arab World are masterminded by the US Administration.  Since when did the US felt comfortable with peaceful mass demonstrations anywhere in the world?  Show me a single peaceful mass protest in the US when the National Guard was not dispatched in a hurry?  Since when the US supported democratic transformations in the Middle East or anywhere in the world?

Since when has any former colonial power supported peaceful mass upheavals in their former colonies, now and when they had mandated power over their colonies?

Do you believe multinational companies have the patience to negotiate deals with democratic institutions and end up bribing hundreds in the various echelons?

That Hillary Clinton utters: “When I say now, it means now” was not a bit convincing.  Why?  Because that threat and the successive ones were  pronounced as people’s revolts shifted to their advantage and the battle was over.  These injunctions came a bit too late in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrein, and Libya; a bit too late as the habit of dictators to be way too late in promising reforms.

Hillary showed up on the screen as Ben Ali of Tunisia was flown to Saudi Arabia; Hillary’s pronouncement on Egypt’s “revolution of the century” materialized as Mubarak sank into deep coma; Hillary got upset as Qadhafi air bombed peaceful demonstrators and declared that he hired 50,000 African mercenaries to kill his own people, even Merkel of Germany gave her opinion: “What Qadhafi said is horrible”…

How do you think all these dictators, monarchs, and oligarchies accumulated billions of dollars without the full cooperation of developed State governments, multinational enterprises, and foreign financial institutions?

A little common sense people:  This behemoths of an US Administration cannot move as swiftly as mass protests moves forward.  Thousands of reports and recommendations from hundreds of departments have to flow in and out before any US decision is see the light.

President Obama finally attested that these revolutions are the work of the masses and no foreign interventions participated.

No to the talking heads lucubrations claiming that the US presence in the Arab World is as overwhelming as never before; that the US is executing an alternative policy…  Fact is, the US influence in the Middle East has received a heavy blow for its consistent policies of humiliating the “Arab” people in the last half century.

The latest veto of the US in the UN is the striking proof that the US is cornered and behaving as arrogant dictators who have lost all rational thinking and resuming their evil activities as if nothing drastically new is happening.

“Friday of Wrath” demonstrators, save Libya from UN mandated power, using International courts and investigations of crimes against humanity as a weapon to subjugate the people.  Tunisia and Egyptian citizens, any UN mandated power on Libya will directly affect the purposes of your movement and will create problems to sidetrack and disturb your goals for drastic reforms and changes.




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