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“Knowledge products”? Why not “technical salesmen engineers”?

Posted on: February 25, 2011

How many graduates you know whose jobs are selling products? For example, water coolers, water purifiers, air conditioning systems, solar panels, heating “systems”…insurance products, recreation services…The irony is that all these graduates never received salesmanship courses or training!  “Hi. I am an engineer; I am more believable if I say that my product is better than the competitors…” As if this engineer was given the opportunity to analyse and study competitive products!

How many graduates you know who actually do design products, workstations, safer systems, healthier environment…the main purpose for studying engineering?  How many redesign better systems for safer and healthier usage and applications?  How many learned to develop a scientific reasoning for designing experiments?

I don’t mind that specific universities or educational institutions are designed as financial holding companies to producing “student products” for targeted industrial companies with special specifications and criteria.  What I mind is that these educational institutions declare frankly and “transparently”  their mission of producing practical knowledge for unchallenged students geared toward earning quick money.

What I mind is that a few university declare that their mission is forming well-rounded knowledge, encouraging creative thinking, supporting unconventional projects, backing non-conformist research topics, going all along students determination for non-conservative approaches and design alternatives…

What I mind is that certain universities declare their independence from missions orders dictated by multinational enterprises and actually sticking to their declared policies of refusing any funding with strings attached…

What I mind is that a few educational institutions unconditionally admit all the downtrodden, the workers, the lower middle class students with no pre-sorting tests of any kinds.  Just let those possessing the passion for knowledge to get in, experience a climate of free expression, liberty of opinion, communicating with other class groups, ethnic diversity… Discovering the kind of passions for fields of knowledge they were not exposed to and had no opportunity to come across in these  life-divide social and political systems…

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