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Iraqis refuse foreign appointed governments: Qualitative shift in “Arab” mass uprising?

Posted on: February 26, 2011

The  US troops have got to accelerate the withdrawal from Iraq:  Iraqis are mass demonstrating in all provinces refusing the foreign appointed governments.  The Iraqis, Shias, Sunnis, Christians, Arabs, Kurds…want no more to be subjugated to the masquerade of foreign formed government and hegemony.

After more than two decades of embargoes, preemptive occupation of their lands…; after two decades that resulted in the death of three millions out of famine, curable diseases, collateral damages, foreign induced and encouraged terrorist attacks, decimating mostly the toddlers and children, the youth in Iraq woke up to the Arab people taking matters in their hands against dictators, absolute monarchs, one-party regimes, mostly submitted to foreign policies and political pressures.

The modern youth in Iraq are shouting: “we have suffered enough for half a century and we can no longer go on with daily cheap death, infamy, humiliation, and indignities:  All our calamities have to stop NOW.”

Iraqis are taking to the streets (women, children, elder people, youth…) and marching in every province.  Mayors are abdicating in respect to the awakened national unity spirit and the demands for drastic reforms and daily subsistence.

All these bogus alienations by subversive foreign powers (US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt of Mubarak…), setting Iraqis against one another along religious and sectarian divides, along “national” or language divides, along political party dissensions of Baath, communists, religious denominations…all these faked dissensions have no currency any longer to be traded with.

The ways Maliki PM has been disregarding the plight of the Iraqis and viewing with contempt the wrath, boiling for months within Iraqi youth, are tolling the bell of foreign appointed institutions and government.

The Iraqi Kurds want nothing to do with Kurdish one-party rules of provinces:  away with decades of decadence, massacres, oligarchy, robbing of State treasury…under bogus excuses of ethnic and language differences.

The Shias and Sunnis are revolting together in mass protests everywhere and demanding reforms and more application and focus on the people daily needs for survival.

World, make room for a new modern “Arab” awakening.  Obscurantist and extremist Islamists are out from power.  Modern youth, Arabs, Kurds, Berbers, Moslems, Christians, northern African, Near Eastern, Gulf States… are in and winning their future hands down.

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