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Israel has to ward off causes for another holocaust

Posted on: March 2, 2011

Israel’s policies  encouraging pogroms

“We lost again. Peasants won” said the leader of the surviving samurai.  Elite classes claim their privileges as emanating from a God who divided mankind into two major groups: the governing and the slave classes.

In aristocratic Europe of the last century, elite classes resented a religious sect living in ghettos: the Jews proclaimed to be the select race in face of the European elite classes who considered themselves the select class.  Pogroms after pogroms and the Jews refused to learn and relent on their myths, on the ground that it was this myth that kept them united over the years.

Then pogrom was elevated to holocaust:  Now it was a whole nation claiming to be the select and purest race.   Nazi propaganda convinced most Germans that they are the purest race of all, and they must dominate. There is no doubt in my mind that most Germans implicitly knew of the holocaust perpetrated on Jews and other lower “races”, and that genocide was at work. Nazi Germans opted to play it dumb as long as they were winning battles after battles.

I also believe that Nazi Germany didn’t care for the Jews in the Arab world: they didn’t exhibit any threat to the purity of their race.  It was the Jews in Europe, citizens in European States, which were to be exterminated.  Either the myth or the de-facto power was to win in this race among select races!

The Jews still refused to learn and relent after this first terrible holocaust.  After the war, the US and European States decided that the best way to hold off the resumption of pogroms in their elitist culture was to ship the Jews to Palestine and create a State for the Zionist Jews.  The European elite classes knew that pogroms will recur since they staunchly clanged to the ideology of being the crème of the crème among races.  Europe aristocrats and elite classes sent the Jews packing to Palestine with plenty of financing, arms. and political support in the UN.

For over 60 years, Israel has been emulating the western mentality of being “the select people much better of the neighboring masses.”  The Palestinians, consistently labeled Arabs by the Zionist propaganda, have been humiliated as only fit for labor work.  Millions of Palestinians have been massacred and now their descendants want revenge.  Millions of Palestinians have been chased out of their villages and towns to live in ghettos of refugee camps in neighboring Arab States and in Palestine; they want revenge.  The Palestinians demand that the UN applies the right of return voted on in 1948.  Ironically, Israel is still pursuing “transfer” policies with the tacit agreement of the US and many European States.

After 60 years of establishing the State of Israel, now the “orthodox” Jews want Israel to be constituted of pure Jews; Mosques and churches have to be demolished and the Pharisee laws applied over the land. The Western States are tired of their monster Frankenstein creation.  The Moslem/Arab World is running out of patience.  Secular Jews in Israel have got to get organized and united and win the next election! Either a secular Israeli State and equality to all citizens or the next holocaust is imminent.

Note:  The current mass revolutions sweeping the Arab and Moslem States should be a strong indication that humiliation and indignities will no longer pass unpunished.

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