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Why Search machines have to volunteer the Jewishness of any person?

Posted on: March 2, 2011

Why Search machines have to volunteer the Jewishness of any person?

Do you feel that search engines (Google, Wikipedia…) have to volunteer the religious affiliation of a personality, if not asked?

Most probably, the search machines would volunteer to tell you that a particular personality is Jewish, or his father was Jewish, or his grand-mother was Jewish, or he helped or persecuted Jews… or the personality is a Moslem “person-non-grata”, or antisemitic…

You don’t read of the religion of many personalities who are not Jews, do you?

Why would encyclopedic sources have to be specific on religious denomination?  Is that so important and valuable to disseminating irrelevant pieces of “intelligence”?

Actually, it appears that powerful Jewish organizations are insisting on exhibiting their Jewishness on search engines, otherwise, they would be activating big campaigns for removing religious affiliation from encyclopedic sources.

Most probably, it is the Zionist Jewish organizations that are harassing most non Zionist Jews in order to extend forceful legitimacy to their “Zionist Nation” called Israel:  The Zionist movement has consistently cornered and cut the ways and bridges to any reluctant Jews around the world who feel like objecting and criticizing the apartheid and racist policies in Israel.

Why is it so important to be a Jew and be recognized as being a Jew?  Do you care what is your religion?

Do you believe that it is your religious denomination that made your success or was the main catalyst for your achievements?

Why Zionists persist on exposing Jews to further pogroms by alienating the majority of citizens in developing States?  What is so hot about clinging to an absurd myth of “chosen people”?

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