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Tsunamy of wrath hitting again: On Saudi Arabia absolute obcurantist monarchy?

Posted on: March 5, 2011

It is no mystery that the Saudi Arabia “royal extended family” of 5,000 members spend far more time in their luxury palaces in Morocco, Egypt, England, and the USA than in their luxury palaces in Saudi Arabia.  They frankly believe that they are original princes and God privileged class on earth.

The elderly and dying monarch of Abdullah has finally landed in Riyadh after 6 months of health maintenance in the US and Morocco.  The monarch and the “Royal Princes” watched the mass determined uprisings in Tunisia, and especially Egypt with fright, horror, and extra doses of anxieties.  He decided as a “welcoming gesture” to his beloved “chattel of Saudis” to spending $36 billion on lodging facilities, social security fund, student grants, funds to paying off rent and public utility bills, 15% increase for public servants…

A group of  Saudi “intellectuals” and personalities of around 133 signed a petition demanding the following reforms:

First, a constitutional monarchy,

Second, all powers emanate from the people,

Third, separation of the executive, legislative, and legal institutions,

Four, legislating for an election law representing all citizens and allowing voting rights to all citizens, regardless of genders, religious affiliation, or minority status,

Five, no shadow justice systems or legislative systems to running parallel to constitutional laws,

Six, adopting general election laws to municipalities, Parliament, and decentralized authorities to provinces,

Seven, legislating for political parties, syndicates, organizations, and associations,

Eight, legislating for far-reaching women rights equal to men in work, education, property ownership, travel, justice… Forbidding women to travel without the consent of a male member of the family, holding their rightful passport by the father, not being allowed to drive… are no longer “a la mode”

Nine, consolidating and applying all the UN human rights that have been signed on the Charter,

Ten, declaring that there is no honor without an honorable standard of living to all citizens,

Eleven, investigating and accounting all institutions that mishandled the public wealth and the treasury, and establishing an independent council for controlling the independence and well-functioning of institutions,

Twelve, opening up opportunities to all private enterprises and citizens to share in the wealth of the nation,

Thirteen, stoppage of all gigantic projects that do not generate any profit or interests to the general public…

The signatories are demanding four things to be executed immediately:

First, liberation of all political prisoners and prisoners who were not brought up to the justice system,

Second, cancelling orders prohibiting travel on specific citizens and those who expressed opinions contrary to riyal likes and dislikes,

Third, revoking orders and constraints on the freedom of press, communication, and opinions,

Four, declaring a firm timetable for the execution of the listed reforms.

The “Tsunamy of wrath” is hitting again, where it hurts most to the capitalist superpowers that encourage and support dictatorship, absolute monarchies and oligarchies.

The waves of wrath is not about to abate for years, not until the newer generation of educated youth are given priority of guaranteed work after graduation.

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