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The People of every nation forms an advanced collective intelligence: The People has the best intelligence gathering network for accurate and timely information, far better fine-tuned than the most sophisticated technology-based systems of superpower governments, even before the advent of social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook…There are no mysteries in events and communication taking place in a nation that is not known and sensed by the People.  Better, the People knows how to pick the right timing, the proper strategy, and the adequate level of energy to making headway to Victory for change and reforms.

There are common causes among the mass upheavals in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrein, Yemen, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan…What is most interesting are the specific factors and causes for each revolution.

Consider the revolution in Libya against the dictator Qadhafi, who has been the sole power for 42 years.  The people in Libya were surrounded by two powerful neighboring dictator regimes in Tunisia of Ben Ali and, especially by Mubarak of Egypt, coordinating their activities and united against popular mass revolts.

Before the kicking out of Mubarak and Ben Ali, the people in Libya had no chance to a successful uprising and the people bid his time. Even now, the borders with Tunisia and Egypt are not fully opened and cooperating in “welcoming” the flux of thousands of refugees, of Libyans, and immigrants.Just imagine that these borders were totally closed and both armies in Egypt and Tunisia encircling the mass Libyan revolutionaries!

You have this tiny people of barely 5 million, spread in a vast State, vaster than Egypt and more than 4 times the area of France, advancing slowly but steadily toward the Capital Tripoli.

You have this tiny people of barely 5 million, who got hold of a few arms depots in the eastern provinces, before the regime dawned on it that this revolt is serious.  You have this tiny people of barely 5 million challenging a regime loaded with all kinds of sophisticated and lethal war machines imported from European States, and backed by accumulated wealth to buy mercenaries, not only from nearby African States such as Chad, Niger, Mali, Nigeria…but also from England, France, and Italy.

The latest news are showing English mercenaries fighting the people revolutionary forces and more pieces of intelligence will be forthcoming.  The western nations are doing their best to stall victory until they figure out a viable plan to get mandated power over Libya and its oil production.

The Arab League of States and the people in Libya are denouncing any foreign military interventions, and demanding only that the airspace be denied Qadhafi to bombing the marching people. The military “No Fly Zone” planned by the USA and the western power has not been readied yet, the space is still wide opened to Qadhafi, regardless of the “best intentions of the western States”.   But the US, France, England, and Italy are amassing their navy forces close to Libya, under the smokescreen of repatriating their citizens.

The people in Libya sensed, a decade ago, that Qadhafi is scared and has realized he lost his legitimacy and the trust and loyalty of his people.  Qadhafi had blatantly murdered and hanged publicly hundreds of citizens in universities and in prisons; mass killing of political prisoners and the gunning down publicly of soccer fans not supporting the team of one of Qadhafi’s son…  The people were resentful and was convinced that this regime is not representing their interests and has been harassing their security and the people was bidding his time.

For a decade now, Qadhafi has been bribing the western States with all kinds of give-aways in order to salvage his regime and the monopolies of his seven sons and his daughter Aicha.

Qadhafi simply raised both his arms in surrender to the western States:  He relinquished the nuclear research projects for nothing in return but to be admitted in the community of nations, resolving international court cases with billion of dollars, lavishly investing in Europe and the US, giving free rein to his sons to behaving as despots and out-ranking the Saudi “Royal Princes” in individual expenses  and luxury properties…

For a long decade, Qadhafi exhausted the Libyan people with outlandish wars in Africa and gave himself the title of “King of Kings of Africa”.  Libya suffered embargo for two decades that denied the people access to consumer goods, a policy that extended the life of this vicious regime.

What happened is that the sons of Qadhafi wanted a share in the pie and opened the market for consumer goods and each one of the sons had a piece of the various monopolies. The people of Libya got access to internet and sophisticated gadgets that linked them directly to the wide world.

The revolution in Egypt is the revolution of the century in quality (peaceful, non-violent) and long-term effects.  The Egyptian people managed to erase the last vestige of the old regime and today has invaded the centers of internal security machinery and dismantled this ghost of internal insecurity and indignity.

The revolution in Libya is the appanage of glory to tiny determined people.  The Libyan citizens have remembered the valiant resistance of Omar Mokhtar:  They can raise their eyes  toward the glorious sun and be counted.

Note:  A more valiant and determined revolution is taking place in Lebanon.  Ten of thousands are marching to dismantle the sectarian structure that the feudal and religious sects exploited for over 70 years.  The Lebanese want that the mention of religious affiliation be removed from all documents.  Civil marriage and equality in laws between genders are within reach.  The youth are willing and fearless in removing the sectarian mentality and tendencies from their behaviors.

A “moral entity”? What are multinational corporations?

Follow the money trail” is the principal rule for investigating criminal activities of mafia, dirty politicians, money launderer, and cases of conflict of interests in public institutions dealing with private enterprises.

“Follow the money trail” is a valid guiding rod to investigating how current deteriorating moral values and ethical conducts are making in-roads into our societies and taking ascendency over well-tested sets of values.

Any sane thinking individual can find a direct link between how financial multinationals function and their corresponding predominant value system.

Financial multinationals are disseminating, by their global branches, and their affiliation with other companies and media, by their close cooperation with political organizations and States governing bodies, the value system and ethical standards that promote their interests and mentality of financial profit by all means.

As one State erect barriers to influx of unnecessary products and product competing with its autonomy, economic and financial security, and preserving its scarce resources, you find multinational companies vigorously push forward, dislodge the barriers and exploit resources of weaker nations.

Financial multinationals and multinational enterprises bribe their way and threaten with the heavy stick of their original powerful nations to imposing their will and interests with makeshift contracts, not even valid in any serious court of justice.

Ironically, while a financial multinational threatens with embargo, supported by its powerful government, it really don’t give a damn of the citizens of its original country: Money and profit have no restrictive citizens or smelling race. Money and profit  have no standard particular social value.

Who control a multinational corporation?  You might reply:

“He is the appointed General Director by the elected board members.”  Who control the board of directors?  You might say: The shareholders.  And you carry on your excuses for exploiting people and nations on the premise that shareholders invested for profit and they are generally not aware how the corporation do business on their behalf.

There are figure-head shareholders who elect nobody, and shareholders extending their voting rights to a third-party, and super electing body or “club of the old money

For example, you say this dictator control this State and who control the dictators?  You might say the bondholders or the multinational financial institutions controlled by the club of old money.  And you ask: “who are these clubs of old money?”

And you start reading biographies of these old crooks who “whitened their highway-robbery schemes” and how their inheritors legitimately resumed the same crooked behavior:  They were elected to political offices and they finance election campaigns, and fund lobbies for special interest laws.

A “moral entity”?

Time to start redefining what a moral entity means.  It is time to get outraged big time and return the power and rights to the people.




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