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I am not into magic: Never had an opportunity to approaching the world of magic, magicians, sorcerers, tarot cards, astrology…No one in my family of distant relatives are associated in the study of this “bridge” that links the visible and invisible universes.

It is not that my family is a rational entity; my mother is very pragmatic though highly superstitious:  Do these characteristics qualify mother with a “gift” for magic?  Like having the lower lobe of the ears small and attached to the skull?

Most probably, the world of magic is very interesting and exhilarating: Mine is not that funny. For example, I cannot be hypnotized.  I once volunteered and was discovered immediately that I was faking: I was asked to rejoin the audience.

What are the two ways for acceding to this magical bridge?  You have got two choices; either the “path of the moon” or the “path of the sun”. The way of the moon is supposed to master the time line of the universe and to finding the “Other Part”, someone sharing a portion of your soul.

For example, when you die, your soul or spirit is divided into many parts (maybe small but still whole?).  New born around earth receive a parcel of your older soul.  It is a way of explaining why earth is inhabited by 7 billion instead of just only one billion!

Thus, whatever you do with your life, whether you are seeking wealth, power, or acquiring knowledge, you are actually implicitly searching and on the lookout for your “Other Part”

You may find more than “one part” of your soul in other individuals in your life and you will have to brace for a lifetime of suffering and frustration trying to divide your love and compassion.

You may have crossed your Other Part and never recognize the light over his left shoulder.  No problem, you have better opportunities in further reincarnations, until you are fully satisfied.

You also have the choice of “the way of the sun” if you prefer. You will have to learn feeling as one with space and the universe around you.  Especially, you will have to get accustomed to the “Obscure Night”.

Have you ever been left alone and unattended, in the nowhere, in a total dark night?  Have you had to battle all night-long with your accumulated superstitions, imagining the beast prowling for preys, the venomous snakes, the giant spiders, the hyenas, the wild dogs…?

If you went through the experience of the “Obscure Night”, have you had an apparition? Like a personal angel or your dead grandmother hovering over you, giving you the feeling of being protected from any harm with their presence, till sun up?

Do you think that it is worthwhile going through the “Obscure Night” experience, just to recognize a protective presence or resuming the magical path of the sun?

You have Wicca, a middle-age woman sorcerer.  Brida got her phone number from the owner of a library specialized in occult manuscripts. Wicca is about to teach the beautiful and young Brida, who has the “gift”, on the way of the moon.  

Brida is to try for two-week to discover visions in the tarot cards, displayed haphazardly on a table at a selected hour of the day.  Two weeks later, and Brida is no closer to observing any vision.

Brida is frustrated and calls Wicca to cancel the appointment.  Wicca won’t let go of her new protegé and tricks Brida.  Wicca says to Brida: “The plumber also called to cancel his appointment” and went on to whining about plumbers, the building manager, the retirement conditions… and asks Brida to display the tarot cards and see when the plumber is coming…Brida is so bored with all these stories and she gets visions.  Wicca orders Brida: “Return, return”.

Wicca explained that talking without facing a person is an invention of no longer than a century, and mankind reactive system is still not entirely trained to communicating by phone; thus, when speaking on the phone we are in better situation to reverting to our ancient reactive mode…Things like that.  (More in the next part)

Note:  I am trying to review “Brida” by Paulo Cuelho




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