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Every individual entitled to Nationality: UN Charters?

Posted on: March 12, 2011

The UN Charters gave every person the right to a citizenship.  Why and what for?

Maybe the UN wanted an efficient system for classifying, accounting, and data collection structure to manage the complexity of this world?

What of all the people running away from countries trampling UN Charters, dictator, absolute monarchies, oligarchic, and one-party regime?  What of people dying out of famine and curable diseases?  What of people taking the plunge and defying seas, oceans, and deserts in all kinds of containers searching for a better future?

I suggest that the UN establish a fictitious but legal State entity, say in the Arctic or Antarctic, where few people live, and the State administration is run from a floor in Geneva with one simple task:  Extending citizenship to the thousands found in seas and deserts and not welcomed by any State.

Those “universal citizens” will abide by all the UN Charters and be offered a universal passport.

It is logical to extend this universal citizenship to anyone dissatisfied by their State laws related to civil and human rights.  They will not enjoy any material benefits such as health and social security advantages:  All that this citizen can ask in return is confidence that there is an official institution updated on his whereabout.  For example, when kidnapped, put in jail, declared disappeared and no State is serious enough for his human rights to dignity and safe living to account for him.  The universal citizen will get prompt action from the UN to preserving his rights.

Any individual should have the right to substituting his citizenship and transfer it to the State that he feels is most closely abiding by the UN Charters and the original State would transfer his material benefits to the UN.

A UN State entity is the best pragmatic approach to encouraging people around the world to knowing, disseminating, supporting, and fighting for the UN Charters.

I am constantly on the lookout to accepting offers and opportunities.

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