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Posted on: March 12, 2011

Posts registering over 5 hits this week

Arab Sex Art More stats 162
Home page More stats 93
Posted this week (Mar. 9) More stats 67
Sex Preparations before wedding night More stats 32
“Brida”: What of “the way of magic”? (part 1) More stats 31
Who planned the 9/11/2001 attack on Twin Towers?? More stats 31
Ethiopean Virgin blood: What is a Fiction story? More stats 28
Get outraged: It’s your basic human right More stats 25
I like this Girl More stats 20
“Time for Outrage”, “Indignez-vous”: Who are Gene Sharp, Stephane Hessel, Assad Abou-Khalil, Adonis49? More stats 16
“Opus Pistorum” (porno) More stats 16
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969): Vietnam Communist but Nationalist by choice More stats 16
Sources of misogyny in Islam: not from the Prophet at all More stats 13
Welcome to global sex market More stats 13
Persia during the Arab Caliphate Empire (651 to 1500 AC) (Part 5) More stats 13
Simon Bolivar (1783-1830): “Slavery is the worst human indignity” More stats 12
“I heard the owl call my name” More stats 12
Temporary marriage contracts: Sigheh and city of Mashhad (Iran) More stats 11
Sex for a Sufi More stats 11
Aristotle’s empiricism (-384-322): Got to experiment for facts More stats 11
Al-Walid Bin Talal: Biography of a multi-billionaire More stats 9
What! Savages and primitive tribes? More stats 9
Why US government, Pentagon, and Europe supporting Qadhafi? Stop interfering with satellite signals! More stats 8
“Psychological barriers?” What’s that! More stats 7
Low IQ Prisoner studied and raised the score: Found eligible to death row More stats 7
The “Good man” of (Confucius -551-479): Practice moral values first then, study More stats 7
Freikorps (Voluntary Military Corps): Precursors of Nazi “Waffen SS” More stats 7
The Peltzman effects: What is human factors safety in aviation? More stats 7
They masterminded the Twin Towers Horror: Dick Cheney and Ariel Sharon of Israel More stats 7
A Turkish cultural movement: Fathallah Gulan? More stats 6
About More stats 6
The People is highly clever: Picks the right timing, strategy, level of energy to Victory (Egypt, Libya) More stats 6
Part One: First love of Gibran K Gibran: Josephine Peabody More stats 6
Tits sucking: Global brotherhood Fatwa More stats 6
Season of Migration to the North More stats 6
Iran: Hussein, Karbala, Ashura, Shias, Ayatollah marjaa, Wilayat fakih,… More stats 6
Diaries of a Saudi “Princess” More stats 5
Maimonides (1138-1204) resurrects Ibn Rushd (Averroes) rational works More stats 5
Islam is one of the “heretic” Christian-Jewish sects More stats 5
“Manifest Destiny” of America: Any serious consequences? More stats 5
“Any treatments for the crazy noises I constantly hear?” More stats 5
How human parts are disposed of in hospitals? More stats 5
Tsunamy of wrath hitting again: On Saudi Arabia absolute obcurantist monarchy? More stats 5
Bad Boy Bubby More stats 5
State mocking us: What is “Cultured my ass” Lebanese? More stats 5
Paul Krugman on the Euro crisis: Avoiding the critical story More stats 5
Date Zero: Is Pre-Islamic period untouchable to investigation More stats 5
Old soul and re-incarnation: Shrimad Raj Chandra (1867-1901) More stats 5


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