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Before you go to bed for a good night recovering sleep, note down in writing the couple of problems that frustrated you during the day and robbed you of a good working day.  Read carefully, a couple of times and carefully, the problems that you were involved in solving, and how you want the problems resolved.  Breath carefully until you feel totally relaxed and have a peaceful sleep.

As you wake up, while still in bed and your brain is back to consciousness, recall the problems that you jotted down and give highest priority to resolving the problems as you get out of bed.  With practice, your brain in sleep time extends the correct perspectives to resolving the problems that you were entangled with yesterday.

Just imagine how many day time hours you saved by allowing your brain to function resourcefully during the sleep.

Sounds like, if you purposely use your brain while sleeping, the longer you sleep the greater your day time stretches. For example, if you resolve two sticky problems while sleeping, you’ll enjoy many break times and spare time to focusing on discussions and listening carefully to friends.

The trick is: Never feel guilty if you sleep over 8 hours. The harder the problems the longer sleep hours you might need. I recommend taking longer nap time in the afternoon; for example, more than one hour with dreams. I practice the same method for your nap time. Your day will stretch even further and your evening will be energized, happier, and readier for more good work.




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