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The French monthly “Sciences Humaines” was published 20 years ago. A special issue was designed to recapitulate and compare ideas and theories prevalent years ago with current paradigms in human sciences.  How  the current scientific community view mankind, nature, the universe, and the interactions among the three entities?

Thus, the 300 issues were studied and analyzed to review topics that range from culture/nature, emotions, environment, family, genders, history recounting, identity, individualism, intelligences, market, globalization, neuro-sciences, philosophy, institutional power, religion, society, work, violence, and the web. I will develop on most topics in later articles.

“We have thought that…Now, we know or we believe that…”

The previous 20-year was called the “Golden Age” of human sciences and many paradigm shifts displaced and challenged previous concepts and theories.  A review of the foundations of structuralism, Freud methodology, Marxism ideology, forms of capitalism, hybrid concepts, newer scientific tools, multilateral theories, crisis of identity, power organization, new emerging powerful nations, tag clouds interpretations, cluster analysis procedures, dominant trends such as West versus East, or North versus South hemispheres…are approached.

It is interesting to get into the context of technology 20 years ago.  There were no cellular phones or internet.  Faxing documents was the magical medium to quick transfer of written materials, sort of fax to fax interviews.  Soon, Tim Berners-Lee inaugurated the information highway age of the web.

The “golden age” of the “great stories”, oriented toward progress and modernization, is inching to the new era of multi-culture communities and the relative evaluation of value systems.  The world is no longer viewed from the perspective of pure categories and universal truths, but moving to attitudes of hybrid approaches and admitting that complexity is the reality of the universe and mankind behaviors.

Dominant ideologies are making rooms for diversity of opinions, silent revolutions, and mass youth non-violent revolutions (current Arab people uprising). For example, globalization is not simply and generally referred to in keywords such as developing nations, international commerce, neoliberalism, networking, the end of history, the fading away of nationalist sentiments or aspirations… New keywords referring to globalization are superseding the previous keywords such as financial crisis, food subsidies, emerging nations, China, India, economic power poles, southern hemisphere,…

Growth rate is currently viewed in different perspectives such as sustainable development, conservation of biodiversity, cleaner environment, climatic changes problems,… People are more concerned with financial crashes, collapsing of computer systems, power grid outages, nuclear power plant disasters, disappearance of thousands of original languages, dislocation of family fabrics, monoparent and homoparent (same sex) trends…

The debate of nurture versus nature is supplanted by the hybrid notion of natural mankind, very affected by external forces altering his neuron connectivity and regeneration; animals are viewed as endowed with emotions, intelligence and even moral behaviors.  Emotions are playing central stage and gradually displacing the cherished logical rational paradigm in influencing decisions, social communication, and economic trends…Keywords such as links, network, flux, fluid, risk are invading descriptions of social association and communication…

History has shifted from total history concepts and stories to very local history of regions, towns,  community, family history,particular feudal and sectarian types of organizations…Emancipation of women at specific time period, struggle and fights of women for equal rights, job opportunities, roles and function in society…

Diversification of cultural identities within a State and determined opposition to total integration and fusion in a single social fabric  are pressuring government to review alternative frameworks to defining the concept of citizenship and human rights obligations according to the UN Charters…

How power is represented through the Big Brothers dominion of information, intelligence gathering, and control of private life, and through the multinational companies value systems for altering fundamental moral values and ethical standards…

Macro economics is of the past, even micro economics is making room to neuro-economics.

Technology has moved from micro to nano-technology.

All these transformations happened within two decades span. How could you predict the future 20 years from now? Would you feel comfortable envisioning a world getting tinier, smaller dwelling places, overpopulated megalopolis, fewer green spaces, restricted communities, faster pace life-style, diminishing open space entertainment events, education requiring fluency in many languages, and empatizing with many cultures living in your neighborhood…

Youth in Lebanon have begun serious demonstrations, on regular schedule, once every week, demanding reforms in the sectarian political and social structure in Lebanon.

Youth have many demands related to survival, living conditions, educational reforms, opportunities to work…

The youth demand civil marriage, non-discriminating laws based on gender or religious affiliation, fair and equitable election laws that represent all section of the communities…

The list of demands is unending but the movement for sectarian reforms has to acquire a specific target, independent of the huge basket for change and successive reforms.

I would love to believe that this youth movement is not guided by secular political parties.  However, when youth carry banners showing a wide range of demands with no specific pragmatic demand to focus attention at and unite everyone around it then, it is legitimate to suspect that the youth movement is not in control.

I have no qualm that political parties with definite ideological agenda take the lead in the beginning, but it is the youth that have got to taking over the movement.

Obviously, marches and demonstrations for other demands must take place, but when the secular youth call for their marches, a single demand should take precedent and utmost priority:  We want religion to be deleted from all official documents.  “El8a2 taifiya min kul al noussouss al rasmiyah”.

Once this demand is obtained then, the next step of the movement is to agreeing on the follow-up next demand.  We don’t have to be divided before we win our first step toward change and reforms.

If we start separating with irrelevant arguments at the first stage then, it is the sectarian regime that will be disturbing the youth movement.  The only dialogue with the political system must be focused on deleting religion from all official documents and agreeing on a timeline for that execution.

That is the goal in the first step and the only one until we move forward to the next pragmatic step in our list of demands.  The ways the first demand was won will play a great factor in the selection of the next focused demand.

I suggest that youth movement plans and organizes small marches in every village and towns in Lebanon with a unified banner: “Delete religion from official documents”.  By the by, the movement will be ready to organize a nationwide marches, at specific dates, all over Lebanon.  That would be a success story that proves that the youth are in complete control of the movement. 

I have confidence that this process will encourage youth into eliminating sectarian mentality and behaviors from their habits and spirit.  The Arabic World is looking aprehensively and analyzing seriously our drastic demand and how our movement is unfolding. 

Let us be leaders for the next revolution in the Arab World.

Witchcraft fiesta for the female Initiates: “Brida” of Cuelho

Witchcraft initiations are done twice a year during the equinox days.  The days when daylight is equal to the night hours.  Supposedly on March 21, the first day of spring and the date on the first day of autumn.

Brida has successfully passed several ritual tests demonstrating her “gifts” inherited from previous re-incarnations as a professional witch.

For example, Brida did it twice, within one week, experiencing orgasm with flying color, once with her young boyfriend and another time with her older “Other part” Magician (recognized by a luminous spot over the left shoulder).

As her five senses converged and she was conscious of her five senses simultaneously, it was the hint that she is ready to unite with the spirit of the universe.  Thus, she was to have intercourse and reach orgasm as all five senses vanish and the outside world becomes void and null to all her senses.

For example, on the first full moon night:

1. Brida is to bring a cup-full of water and let the moon shine on the water and let the reflection of her face coincide with the moon picture.

2. Brida is to plunge a knife in the water several times to disturb the picture.

3. Brida is to select her favorite leisure location and bring a vision of her favorite commercial street and focus on the entrance of a shop and see the inside design…

4. Then, Brida is to walk into the shop and check that her vision was very accurate.

Brida accompanied Wicca, her master of the “Tradition of the moon”, to the “sacred forest” were witches used to meet, before Christianity banned these ceremonies.  Brida is stretched with eyes closed and Wicca doing her incantations.

Brida starts into a long journey, through her past lives, and revisit the time when she was badly wounded during the siege of the Cathars in the 12th century and how she decided to be burned alive by the Cathar high-priest as martyr.

The Cathars is a sect that grew in importance in the 11th century in the region bordering France and Spain:  The sect believed that what is evil remains evil, and what is good remains good no matter how man decides to change things.  Things like that.

The party or the initiation is a true fiesta.

Each invited person of both genders, is aware of the exact purpose of the party, bring along a bonbone or demijohn of wine.  The master witch of the ceremony makes sure that vibrations among the invitees are friendly and wine glasses are distributed.

The party progress in conversation, singing of mantras, music, and rhythmic banging on the demijohn until the people are in trance but conscious of what is happening.

The witches to be initiated are dancing around the bonfire and feel hot and get totally naked while the invitees resume their rhythms unabated.  The ceremony will not start until the master witch feels that everyone is relaxed and participating in the fiesta.

Wicca starts her incantation, mentioning St.Paul, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus and remind the people that witches have been burned alive in previous generation…

The initiated witches lie down naked, facing the ground, around the bonfire and they go into vision trips, meeting with the dead masters of the living master witch and receiving their blessings and recommendation…Things like that.

The initiates donned long black robes and people stay around as the bonfire is still on, drinking and conversing…

Question:  Wouldn’t the ceremony be intact and successful according to tradition if Christian saints are not mentioned?

These ceremonies have been conducted since time immemorial before Christianity came to exist; so why complicating the original ceremonies with irrelevant additions?

It is as if the revised ceremonies are sending the message that all Christian saints were actually witches and magicians and comprehended the “Tradition of the moon” or the “Tradition of the sun”?




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