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“My lucubrations of a dictator”: Autobiography of well-intentioned person (part 2)

Posted on: March 15, 2011

“I am the glory of Libya.  I extended my glory to all of you Libyans for over 40 years.  You were insignificant people, obeying like chattel to absolute monarchs.  I am your new monarch, but I refused any title or any explicit official position:  I do not need official titles to rule over you as an absolute monarch.

I vanquished the imperialist forces and the colonial powers of Italy and Great Britain, with their support obviously, but this is another story:  Thanks that WikiLeaks was not around 40 years ago.  I sided with the Egyptian “Raiess” Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, in a united front against the obscurantist and retrograded forces inside our societies.  I nationalized oil production.  I monopolized the wealth of oil revenues.  I asked and was delivered the title of King of Kings of Africa.  Who are you to oppose my absolute rule?

You are lychee sucking on my golden blood.  You are warms eating insidiously on my flesh.  Who are you? Rats, roaches.  You will be crushed. Retreating is not in my dictionary.  Advance. Advance. Wipe out the ugly treacherous  roaches.”

Lebanon has a Patriarch for the Maronite Christians in Lebanon, Syria, and Cyprus.  The Maronite have a slogan “The Glory of Lebanon is bestowed on our Patriarch.”  Invariably, many of these patriarchs got into their heads to grabbing temporal power by meddling blatantly into State political affairs and taking sides with Maronite sectarian parties.  Is Lebanon fundamentally a theocratic State?

In the west, you have varieties of dictators. “I am your President; the absolute leader, for a term that can be extended, of the most powerful nation on earth.  If you foreigners are against my policy you are siding with the camps of evils. And evil power will be crushed like bugs.

Citizens of my nation, you elected me for a term and I intend to carry out my idiosyncratic policies as I decide.  You don’t have to sacrifice your livelihood, your jobs, and your positions in futile opposition, especially venomous opinions that are expressions of ignorance and evil coaxing against the interests of the elite people.  Old and senile Europe does not weight much in the balance of power to fighting “Islamic Terrorists” and we don’t need their votes in any UN resolutions.  Heck, the UN is the creation of the US and we don’t care to turn to an affiliate for affirmative actions.

I can flaunt all UN Charters superlaws and nobody can touch me or bring me to any ridiculous International Court for crimes committed against humanity.

“I am your Prime Minister, the Prime of the oldest democracy, but that is totally irrelevant.  You elected me for a term as your absolute leader and you owe me absolute loyalty in this time of difficulty.  I sided with the camp of the powerful angels against the evil spirits.  The most powerful angel has my total support and in return you are demanded to support me unconditionally.  I am touring universities and rich clubs and pocketing plenty of money for lies that I am not ashamed to disseminate:  I am mentally sick and cannot differenciate right from wrong.”  Things like that.  Same different in casualties, humiliation and indignities heaped on common people, the real power behind any governance.

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