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What’s going on in Bahrain: Saudi Arabia sending “expeditionary forces”?

Posted on: March 17, 2011

Tiny Bahrain is an island no bigger than one thousand square miles.  This island in the Arab/Persian Gulf is linked to Saudi Arabia by a bridge and is ruled by a tribal monarchy.  Actually, the Emir decided a decade ago to bestow on himself the title of King.  The old decrepit Prime Minister, obviously from the family, has been governing this island for longer than Qadhafi, over 42 years.

Tiny Bahrain has a population of less than 700,000 and many foreigners work there.  70% of the population are of the Shia Moslem sect and citizens origins and sect are labeled differently for class discrimination purposes.

The government decided to offer citizenship to Sunni Moslems in foreign countries, such as Pakistanis, in order to bringing balance for the support of the monarchy.  News are that this infamous Kingdom is hiring 1,000 Pakistani soldiers to come to the rescue:  Apparently, Saudi soldiers wants to go back home.  Actually, half the army is constituted of non Bahrain citizens, mostly of Sunni sect from Pakistan and other Arab countries.

Bahrain is the favorite week-end destination to Saudis, especially the middle class Saudis:  They want freedom to see movies, have good times, drink alcoholic beverage, watch women driving,  and lewd crazy partying…

Bahrain harbors the largest US naval base in the Gulf.

A month ago, a peaceful demonstration demanding a Constitution was opposed savagely by the interior police force.  The Saudi monarchy dispatched police reinforcement into Bahrain.

The people in Bahrain have a long history of mass uprising against their despot of Al Khalifa family.  They protested in 1922 against fiscal discrimination and working for free for the royal family.  In 1938, the colonial British sent militants from Bahrain to the island of St. Helene (the same island where Napoleon died in) because the militants fomented a revolt demanding a Constitution.

Do you know that common citizens in Bahrain are not able to take a swim in the sea?  All the seashore of this island is private property to the Al Khalifa family!  More than 20% of the seacoast has been filled and reclaimed for touristic projects belonging to the “Royal family”.  Many parcels of lands have been rented for a century for just two dollars per year.

A month ago, the citizens in Bahrain have been gathering in the “Pearl Square” or “Sahat al lou2louat” demanding equitable and modern reforms.  The people do not want this Prime Minister for life or a monarch for life… These kinds of understandable things.

The US Defense Minister got enough of this peaceful and determined upheaval and landed two days ago in Bahrain; he coordinated the planning for dispatching a joint expeditionary force composed of Saudi and Arab Emirate soldiers into Bahrain.

Today, Wednesday, this “preemptive force” invaded Bahrain equipped with full gears, poisonous gas grenades, and assault helicopters.  Today, twelve people were killed and over 150 injured.  Hospitals have been vandalized by the government in order to dislodge the injured citizens and cutting off electric power. A curfew was proclaimed for three months.  Physicians and nurses who tended to the injured people were taken to prison and beaten badly!

There are three scenarios for the Saudi monarchy:

Plan A:  By tomorrow night or Thursday, the resistance in Bahrain will start targeting Saudi tanks and Saudi personnel during the curfew period.  By Friday, Saudi soldiers will cross back the bridge.  By Saturday, the Royal family in Bahrain will take off to an unknown destination; most probably to the Sultana of Borneo.

Plan B:  The Saudi forces procrastinate long enough to retreat and stay in Bahrain.   By Friday night, the resistance in Bahrain attack the Saudi soldiers.  A few Saudi embassies are ransacked and burned throughout the world.  The Saudi “expeditionary force” exit the dangerous Bahrain scene.  The Royal family of Khalifa leave their “Kingdom” in a hurry.

Plan C:  The Saudi forces have overstayed their welcome of three days according to customs.   By Saturday night, the resistance in Bahrain attack the Saudi soldiers.  More  Saudi embassies are ransacked and burned throughout the world.  The eastern provinces in Saudi Arabia are in arms and demanding a Constitution of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi “expeditionary force” in Bahrain opt to surrender to the revolutionaries in Bahrain, instead of returning to Saudi Arabia.  The Royal family of Khalifa might not have enough time to exit and receive the proper punishment for crimes committed against humanity.

What plan does Saudi Arabia monarchy prefers?  Personally, I think that the longer the Saudi stay in Bahrain the quicker the revolution spreads in Saudi Arabia.

Funny, even Kuwait has joined the expeditionary force.  Time for Iraqis to re-invade this stupid Kuwaiti Emirate.

Note:  Three weeks have passed since I published this article.  None of the three  scenarios materialized so far:  The demonstrators have no arms; it was a peaceful mass protest and nobody can deny it!  The “Kingdom” in Bahrain feels assured to resuming rounding up the opposition leaders:  Three prisoners died in prison and the spirit of revolt in grounding.  Kuwait is apparently mediating acceptable reforms, while exacerbating the diplomatic  situation with Iran!  Iran is capitalizing on the failure of the Arab Emirate States and Saudi Arabia in resolving the problem before stepping in.  Once the people in Bahrain are armed, the inevitable scenario will be successful in no time.  The domino effects will have ample reason to be demonstrated again.

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Authoritarian governments are on the wrong side of history.

The dictators have stayed on too long.

When the people say, ‘We are no longer afraid’, the game of dictatorship is over.

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