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Posted on: March 19, 2011

What’s going on in Bahrain: Saudi Arabia sending “expeditionary forces”? More stats 67
Sex Preparations before wedding night More stats 35
I like this Girl More stats 32
Who planned the 9/11/2001 attack on Twin Towers?? More stats 30
“I told you not to build nuclear power plants”: What is Fukushima (Japan) More stats 18
“Opus Pistorum” (porno) More stats 13
Welcome to global sex market More stats 12
Old soul and re-incarnation: Shrimad Raj Chandra (1867-1901) More stats 12
Diaries of a Saudi “Princess” More stats 12
Temporary marriage contracts: Sigheh and city of Mashhad (Iran) More stats 11
2010 in review: From stats helper monkeys at More stats 10
Paul Krugman on the Euro crisis: Avoiding the critical story More stats 10
“Psychological barriers?” What’s that! More stats 10
King cobra may kill female if rebuffed? More stats 9
King cobra may kill female if rebuffed? More stats 9
(part 1) Human Types: Essence and the Enneagram More stats 9
Sex for a Sufi More stats 9
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969): Vietnam Communist but Nationalist by choice More stats 8
Season of Migration to the North More stats 8
Matriarchal: Pre-Islam Arab cultures? More stats 8
Islam is one of the “heretic” Christian-Jewish sects More stats 7
“I heard the owl call my name” More stats 7
“The social structure of Lebanon: democracy or servitude?” More stats 7
Al-Walid Bin Talal: Biography of a multi-billionaire More stats 7
A Turkish cultural movement: Fathallah Gulan? More stats 7
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) failed in its mission More stats 7
The “Good man” of (Confucius -551-479): Practice moral values first then, study More stats 6
Tits sucking: Global brotherhood Fatwa More stats 6
Henry Miller’s purely porno book More stats 6
Part 5. Nietzsche: “Christianity is a carbon copy of Judaism” More stats 6
Homosexual discrimination? “Prestige and Infamy” by Dominique Fernandez More stats 5
Love: Women in Islam (Part 9) More stats 5
Second redundant hole by my asshole More stats 5
Incomplete: Simplify (Einstein, Godel, Turing, Chaitin…) More stats 5
“How I was transformed into a dictator”: Autobiography of a well-intentioned person (Part 1) More stats 5
Bad Boy Bubby More stats 5
Warlord Tamerlane saved Europe Renaissance More stats 5
Do you feel sexy after: A satisfying bowel movement? More stats 5
Best Longest Sex Engagement: Slow Patient Evolving Imagination More stats 5
Part two: Who is Josephine Peabody (Gibran K Gibran first true love)? More stats 5
Wars, casualties, and duration in the last two centuries More stats 4

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