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You won’t believe it. Can you imagine a government demanding from the enemy to invade its land, kill its citizens, destroy its infrastructure, and expand the bombing in intensity and duration? That’s what happened in Lebanon:  Not once, but several times since 2005.

In 2006, Israel launched a devastating war on Lebanon and the government of Lebanon, headed by Seniora PM, demanded from the US that Israel extends its war destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructure beyond 33 days, on the guise of finishing off the military power of Hezbollah.

Seniora PM, the current PM Saad Hariri, the defense minister Elias Murr, the ex-president Amine Gemayel, the warlord of the civil war Samir Geaja, the deputies Butros Harb, Naela Muawad, Walid Jumblat, Marwan Hamadi…demanded that Israel continue its war on Lebanon until Hezbollah is severely weakened.

Hell, Israel killed over 1,600 Lebanese civilians, injured over 5,000, displaced half a million from south Lebanon, dropped two million cluster bombs (dozens are killed and injured every year from these bombs), all Lebanon’s infrastructure was destroyed, the sea polluted with bombed oil tanks…  It took Lebanon billions in foreign aid and six years to reconstruct devastated towns, villages, highways, bridges…just to satisfy short-term interests of midget Lebanese political leaders.

The common people in Lebanon know about these systematic treacheries committed by the successive governments, but now there are documents, black on white.  Hezbollah is assembling a legal file to bring to trial all these traitors of first degree. These official traitors should be packing now; they should be praying to die before they brought to justice.

The infamy didn’t stop after 2006:  It resumed unabashedly.  On May 7, 2007, the official traitors masterminded a civil war against Hezbollah as the best strategy to weaken this party that defended Lebanon’s dignity and security from frequent Israeli incursions into Lebanon.

The “official traitors” had a plan that was coordinated with the US and Israel.  Hezbollah was continuing his program of securing land fiber-optic communication lines.  That was the excuse to starting the civil war.  The US Cole was off-shore waiting, and Israel intelligence agents were hunkered in many secret places around Beirut.

Hezbollah managed to dismantle the plan within three hours and the official traitors had no time to carry on their nasty program.

Seniora governed Lebanon as sole dictator for four years, with a reduced cabinet:  the third of the ministered had resigned. 60% of the population was not represented.  Seniora was unphased:  He had orders not to seek the opinion of the Lebanese citizens.  Tents were erected around the Prime Minister Palace for three months, but Seniora felt that the US support is good enough to remain in power.

The official traitors want the army to be the sole defender of motherland.  How?  Our army didn’t have a working single helicopter when battling the terrorists Jund Islam in Nahr Bared camp.  The Moslem Sunni salafists, financed by Saudi Arabia monarchy and via the Lebanese government of Seniora, had far more sophisticated weapons than the Lebanese army.

Funny.  The army is refusing free military hardware from donor States in order not to antagonize the US Administration!  Are these official traitors serious about defending the fatherland from Israeli incursions?  Most probably, they never considered south Lebanon as part of Lebanon?

In the 2009 Parliamentary election, Saudi Arabia allocated $one billion to finance the Lebanese election for the benefit of Saad Hariri, a Saudi citizen.  The US presidential election process didn’t cost that much!

What kind of an army the defense minister is envisaging?  The WikiLeaks documents stated the following:

First, since the Christian Maronites and Greek Orthodox are not applying to join the army, the best way to encourage them is by establishing special regiments, quasi-independent from army hierarchy, trained to fighting “terrorism” and equiped with assault helicopter.  Yes, Christian youth prefer to join “elite assault brigades”.  Why?  That’s how the “Christian” defense minister Elias Murr feels.

Second, the Moslem Shia youth, constituting half the population, should have a restricted quota of 25% in the army.  The minister feels proud that he managed to reducing the ratio of Shia soldiers in the army that the official traitors want to fight Israel with.  The Sunni, barely representing 30% of the population have increased their ratio in the army and internal security forces to over 50%.  Do the official traitors want to fight enemies with that kind of obscurantist mentality?

Well, not any longer:  Saad Hariri and company were fired, and a new government representing the enlightened resistance forces should shoulder the difficult problems plaguing our society.

The youth of Lebanon are shouldering the difficult and protracted long-term changes needed in developing countries; mainly, tribal, clanish, feudal, and religious sectarian affiliations that are plaguing any political structure for establishing sustained security, stability, and development…

The youth of Lebanon are going to maintain and sustain the mass upheavals in the Arab World because their programs for reform and change are linked and rooted to all the in-depth reforms aspired by youths in the other Arab States.

The youth in Lebanon are entangled in a hellish cycle of religious interests, restricted in sectarian enclaves:  Each sect has established its own private schooling system, health and social security facilities; facilities that should be controlled and evaluated by civic government and institutions…

The youth in Lebanon are fed up of this de-facto multi-theocratic system (Maronite, Shia, Sunni, Christian Orthodox…) that has driven us to our knees and abject obscurantism.  For example

Over two months ago, the clerics of the Sunni Moslem sect in Lebanon gathered in a general session to admonish the newly appointed Prime Minister Mikati to abiding by the revised political guidelines as the Sunni clerics understand its interests.  Is that a form of democracy?  The clerics of this sect were convened by Saad Hariri PM who was fired by 11 ministers from his post.  It appeared to Hariri that being fired was an incomprehensible practice:  He believed that since he is a Saudi citizen then he should be viewed as a monarch Prince or something… Mikati has yet to form a government!

The clerics and bishops of the Maronite Christian sect meet regularly to remind the President of the Republic and the Maronite deputies in the Parliament of their Church political orientation.  Is that a kind of Republic system? The clerics alienated more than half the Maronites by siding with particular sectarian political parties and getting deeply involved in State politics. 

Recently, the old Patriarch was fired because, while on “official” visit to the USA,  he encouraged the US to launch a war against Hezbollah in 2006.  Actually, this Patrirch was still in the US as the war was going on in Lebanon. A new Patrirch was elected last month; would he learn anything of what the youth in Lebanon are demanding?

The clerics of the Shia Moslem sect meets regularly to regurgitate the position of Hezbollah political stands.  Actually, it is the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasr Allah (who combines the spiritual and temporal powers under the Iranian concept of “Wilayat Faqih”), who draws the strategic and tactical moves for the Shias in Lebanon.  Is that a new concept of Parliamentary system?

There are essential causes why Hezbollah represented and still represent the dignity and security for the State of Lebanon. In the 1980′s, the Lebanese were on their knees: Israel occupied most of the south region and Syria the remaining parts.  Lebanon was divided into self-autonomous sectarian cantons due to the consequences of the protracted civil war that started in 1975 and the massive transfer of citizens.  

The new Islamic regime in Iran that displaced the Shah extended a fresh Shia religious fervor to the Shias in Lebanon, along with training, organization, and arms to resisting Israeli occupiers.

Israel was forced to withdraw from Lebanon in 2000, unilaterally and without any negotiation, after suffering heavy and sustained casualties from the determined resistance of Hezbollah.  

Hezbollah resistance in 2006 to another Israeli preemptive incursion.  Hezbollah can brag to having won: Israel failed in achieving any strategic or tactical objectives after 33 days of war.  Hezbollah offered Lebanon a deterrence leverage that was lacking for decades.  

Should Hezbollah continue adopting religion as the main ideological force to resisting the enemy Israel?  And for how long?  Should Nasr Allah keep his position for life as a religious leader too?  Should Lebanon remains a sectarian State for another century?

There are plenty of disinformation related to Lebanon’s social and political structure.  There is a vast chasm between what is written in the “Constitution” and what is and has been practiced for over 70 years, since the independence of Lebanon in 1943.

Lebanon is a feudal, sectarian, and tribal society governed by feudal, sectarian representatives of warlords, wealthy families and old money class. The feudal class inherited their titles of Emir, Pasha, Bey, Sheihk…from the Ottoman Empire as heads of tribes sided with the Ottoman invaders and presented another form of “loyalty” to obscurantist caliphates.

France confirmed the rooted sectarian division during its mandated power from 1919 to 1943, and much longer after the independence of Lebanon, by instituting the Christians as the ruling class and enjoying privileges in power and in trade.

Should the Lebanese wait three months every time a new Sunni Prime Minister has to form a government in order to satisfy 18 recognized sects, six regional powers, and five superpowers?

This month, the youth in Lebanon started mass demonstrations, regularly, every week, demanding that religious affiliation be cancelled from all official documents.  The youth are engaged in sit-ins in many cities demanding civil marriage and reforming genders discriminating laws.  The youth have been chanting: “We want to change the regime”

The youth want to get rid of a century of indignity and chattel mentality.  They want a political system that transform all the private sectarian facilities to the control and evaluation of a civic State, and the dissemination of a civic orientation and education.

First thing first: Delete religious affiliation from all official documents. Isn’t that demand reasonable , simple, and clear?

Worst traitor to communism:  Who is Joseph Stalin?

After WWI, the communist parties in the western European States were on the ascendance and fast becoming the main well-organized movements with an ideology that responded to the need of the impoverished populations.

Italy and Germany were ripe to fall into communism, and the US was ready after the financial crash of 1923.

The Red Army of the Bolshvik revolution, headed by Trotsky, succeeded after 5 years of relentless civil war in defeating the White army financed and armed by the US and England.  Lenin died and the hot question was: “Communism to where and how to go about strengthening it” was a heated debate in Russia.   Two major political perspectives were on the table.

Trotsky’s political line was to disseminate communism everywhere and to encourage western communist parties to take over power.

Pragmatic Stalin reasoned as follows: “If any communist party take over in one of these performing western nations, then capital and expert “know-how” will no longer be converging into Russia, a State still very much in need of everything, because the communists in the western nations will invest in improving the welfare of their own people“.  The consequence would be that the center of gravity will shift to the west and Stalin will no longer be the main representative of the international communist movement.

The Stalin league forced Trotsky and his supporters to exile and sacrificed most of the western communist movements for juicy deals.  For example:

Stalin gave the green light to Italy and Germany.  The communists in Germany and Italy were decapitated by the fascist Mussolini and the nazi Hitler in Germany.  The communists in Spain were ordered to split the socialist and left Republican alliance and then were sold out to dictator Franco.

As Germany was suffering from the heavy constraints imposed by the Versailles “peace treaty“, Germany found Russia of Stalin welcoming them in open arms.

Even before the advent of Nazism, Germany was training its army in Russia, operating military production industries, inventing new war planes and tanks, and conducting joint military training with the Russian army…

The old guards of the Russian communist party were appalled by Stalin decisions of sacrificing western State communist parties:  They have given the best of their youth, energy, and time to spreading communism ideology, only to discover that all their effort vanished in thin air.

Stalin undertook a massive counter-offensive on Russian communist dissidents:  For over a decade, Stalin ordered the trial, execution, and deportation of million of citizens to the Gulac-type camps in Siberia.

The Soviet Union type of communism was given a reprieve from falling into oblivion, and its life was extended 50 more years, after the foolish invasion of Nazi Germany to Russia in 1942.

The Russian citizens were exhausted from the climate of sustained terror exercised by Stalin in the 30’s, by recurring famine, humiliation, and indignity.  This is the main reason the German army advanced quickly into Russia:  It faced no opposition or resistance from the people or the Russian army.

Why Hitler, on the height of Germany military power, changed strategy and moved eastward to invade Russia?

England was on its knees and unable to manufacture enough fighter planes to counter Germany air superiority.  Hitler even decided to cut off supplies to Rommel’s Africa Corps in Libya that was advancing toward Egypt.  Declassified document of that period have to be dusted off.

Most probably, Germany intelligence was infiltrated by British intelligence alleging that Stalin is about to be deposed or overthrown by angry dissidents and the army.  Germany was entirely reliant on Stalin’s supplies in oil and raw materials and could not afford critical downturns at this stage.  Germany decided to preempt any political or military coup against Stalin and take control of Russia immiadiately.

The USA came to the rescue of Stalin and infused money and military hardware to stem the German tide in Russia.

Stalin repeated his tactics with the Chinese communist party of Mao Tse Tong: Stalin supported Chang Kai Check, a general allied to the US, to countering communist victories in several cities that were under Japan occupation forces.  Mao had to flee on his 1,000 miles march. Barely a few thousands of the 100,000 Communist soldiers survived this long march.

As Mao took power in 1950, Stalin waged a mass military campaign against China, but failed.  It is said that Mao said to Stalin after the first wave of Chinese soldiers were massacred by the Russian army: “Are you ready for the next one million wave?”

Stalin was in no mood of permitting the center of gravity of communism shifting toward a potentially powerful nation such a China, and on his borders.

Stalin was progressing in Korea and defeating the Japanese forces.  The US hastily dropped two atomic bombs on Japan to pressure the Emperor of Japan to surrendering quicker:  The US wanted to share the spoil in Korea and obstruct Russia expansion eastward.

Communism failed for a basic reason: Communist Russia had no other success stories to share with another powerful communist State or communicate viable alternatives for failing programs.

International communism was entirely biased to the line of the power-to-be Russian politburo.




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