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A natural contraceptive for men: Finally!

Posted on: March 25, 2011

The sperm has an enzyme “hyaluronidase”.This enzyme has one specific task:  Dissolving the external wall of the female ovule in order to enter.

The Indonesian pharmacologist, Bambang Wardojo, observed the ethnic customs of the Papua tribes. The couple can be married but the woman is not to get pregnant until the entire dowry is paid up in full.

In the meantime, the husband was to keep eating leaves of a plant called gendarusse that grows in the low altitude plains of Indonesia and the Philippines.    It turned out that gendarusse contains an active ingredient “gendarusine” (so far so good) that inhibits the sperm enzyme; thus, preventing impregnation due to “temporary impotency” to piercing or dissolving the wall of the ready ovule. After the dowry is paid in full, the husband ca stop acting the pachyderm and revert to carnivorous diet, like eating raw meat and drinking blood…the kind of diet a man needs to impregnate his wife..

People in Indonesia and the Philippines consume gendarusse leaves for other ailments such as asthma, headache, migraine, rheumatism…

Bambang discovered in 1983 another contraceptive in the margose or bitter melon, though it possesses temporary inhibition characteristics to the sperm enzyme.

Bambang is waiting to try his pill, manufactured by Indofarma, on 350 volunteered couples, most probably officially married (you don’t want to get entangled in ethnic traditional troubles.)

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