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Brace for worst case nuclear scenario. What is “Systemic degradation of work ethics in nuclear power plants”?

You are warned: Brace for worst case nuclear scenario.  The next catastrophe is within a year!

Japan has uncovered other problems, in yet another series of nuclear power plants; not the Fukushima plants that are no longer under control.  This is the tip of the iceberg:  Not the worst case scenario that is setting the world community in turmoil.  It is not also that earthquakes are spreading westward to Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Iran…countries with many nuclear power plants and not very well maintained.

What is hiding beneath the iceberg of catastrophe is the  “Systemic degradation of work ethics in nuclear power plants”.  Four decades ago, most of the civilian nuclear power plants were built, maintained, and controlled by governments.  Each plant had its own trained and professional personnel and experts.  The operators knew exactly the problems of the plants and kept accurate and frank diagnostic procedures.

The operators were taught to immediately bring up the problems, however minors they were, to the attentions of their superiors.  Frank discussions ensued.  Engineers and scientists were not as confident as they are sounding nowadays:  They were on a mission to learn as they progressed on the danger and modeling of nuclear power.  The operators were dedicated and stable in their jobs.

Two decades ago, hell broke loose:  Government owned nuclear power plants were  “privatized”.  The owners were supposed to infuse fresh investment into upgrading the plants.  It didn’t work that way.

The owner quickly started to give troubles to the dedicated professional operators and licensed them as soon as they insisted on the existence of a problem in the functioning of the plants.  The owner purpose was to make profit out of the existing life of a plant:  So long that electricity was produced, the less money spent on repairs and maintenance the better.

Incidents judged minors were ignored.  Accidents that had the potential of deteriorating were hushed.  Divulging of the exact number of incident and minor accidents were not reported.  Maintenance of nuclear plants were subcontracted, and maintenance periods were spaced out and shortened to saving money.

The contracting companies hired low-waged operators, constantly on the road, and not of the professional operators kinds.  These subcontracted operators did what they were told to do and left the premises without knowing exactly what were the real problems.  Many of them received heavy radiation and didn’t know their medium-term health conditions.

The owners of the plants subcontracted in order not bear any financial or legal liabilities.  As if any catastrophe hits, anyone will be left off the hook.  Most of the nuclear power plants in France have experienced many accidents; a few of them over 30 accidents each without being formally disseminated to public attentions.  Most nuclear plants in France, over 55 nuclear plants, are owned by private electrical companies that have degraded work ethics:  A chain reaction of nuclear catastrophes are expected to spread in France.

It is urgent that all government re-nationalize their nuclear power plants and pay off those rascals of private owners with profit generated.

It is urgent that several independent panels of expert, at the sold of the government, review the conditions of the plants and closing degraded and ol plants immediately.

It is urgent that each plant has its own dedicated and stable operators, at the sold of the government.

What is “Badna nghayer wa nsaleh nizam”?

It means the youth in Lebanon want to change and reform the sectarian political structure in Lebanon.

It means that the youth have got enough of 18 officially recognized religious sects behaving independently from central government rules and regulations.

Each sect has its own courts for dealing with individual status from birth, to marriage, to divorce, and to death.

You are defined Not as a citizen of Lebanon, but a member of a religious sect recognized by the State.

Each sect has its own “private” educational sectarian system and even sectarian universities.

After over 70 years of “independence” from colonial France, Lebanon was unable to enact civil marriage laws, even of the optional kind!

A few sects permit members of its congregation to get civil marriage in Cyprus and recognized as married when registered in Lebanon.

It means that youth cannot apply for a public job unless he/she bring in the individual status document mentioning religious affiliation:  All public positions are distributed in quota basis. 

You have got no chance, regardless of your qualifications, to be accepted in a position unless the quota is available and the slot freed to your religious affiliation.

The youth movement has to be patient:  The old guards are regurgitating the same melody and stanza on the impossibility of any drastic changes in this social system, where the central government is fundamentally structured to be very weak and impotent to reforming anything of value.

The youth movement is to be steadfast:  The old guards will keep hammering on the same broken records that the Lebanese have to “change sectarianism from their mind” before changing official documents of any mention of religious affiliations.

I feel limited in finding a resolution where check and balance can be erected to coping with the all permeating power of the sacerdotal castes in every States around the world.

Constitutional laws are meant to restrict the implicit power of the thousand tentacles that religions have instituted to infuse their ideologies.

Discussions for recognizing the power of the clergy in our nurturing educational system is an inevitable social educational process.

This is not the time to going on tangents and clash with religious powers.  We want first to delete all records of our religious affiliation from official document and instituting civil laws to all citizens. 

One of the best and most efficient methods is to encourage the establishment of opportunities to exercising choices in every aspect in our lives.

We demand civil laws that regulate our citizenship from birth, marriage, divorce, death, decentralized schooling systems at each of the legislative, legal, and executive branches.

Only available opportunities for choices, backed by political determination to honor those choices in the workforce, in the daily living, and in society structure, can permit a fighting chance for all those free minded, reflective citizens, and families who respect their potential power for deciding what is best for their spiritual development.

You may read my post:

The apartheid structure in Israel is being challenged by nuclear irradiation and Tsunamy-type devastating characteristics.  The new powerful waves of the young Arab masses dislodging entrenched dictator, oligarchy, and absolute monarchy regimes are going strong and reaching far and deep in this region and even in China.

Israel is at total loss and reacting as a puny, tiny, immaterial entity amid this monumental upheaval that nobody know how to resolve its consequences or deal rationally with its causes.

Israel has to deal with two major problems simultaneously:  Israel has old nuclear reactors built in the 1955 by the French that the international nuclear agency cannot check because Israel refuses to sign on the UN non-proliferation nuclear arms. 

The second challenge is how to deal with the new Arab youth?  The US has no leverage over people who demanded changes and got it.  The new governments succeeding to the dictators have no leverage over their people who are aware that frequent demonstrations are the name of the game to keeping these new regimes on their toes and conscious of their promises for reforms.

Ari Shavit wrote in Haaretz: ” Last week my mobile never stopped receiving alarming messages: Supposedly sensible Likud leaders are talking of resuming building new colonies in the West Bank in retaliation of someone killing an entire Jewish family in the colony of Itamar, close to the city of Nablus (the killer has never been identified).

Goush Emounim or “Block of Faith” started colonizing the West Bank in the 70’s, the same period Japan power company Tepco built nuclear power plants.  The two “operators” started from false premises.

Forty years later, Tepco and the colonization of the West Bank grandiose projects are constituting serious peril to Japan and Israel survival.  It is time to cool down the reactors and our colonization plans and come home to Israel proper.  The international community is exhausted of the broken records of Israel need for expanding colonies”

 The international community is feeling sick of Israel’s chimerical security demands when all its behaviors are against peace and security in the region.  Israel prefers to play it dumb as if she is living on an island.

What external and independent agencies can visit Israel’s obsolete nuclear reactors?  Israel refuses any such well-intentioned visits for the safety and security of the Israelis first, and the people in the region second.  Israel is within a seismic tectonic fault and the nuclear power plant is not build originally to sustain even an earthquake of magnitude 7.

Personally, I doubt that Israel has any nuclear warheads or any atomic bombs:  It is all magician propaganda to owe the Arab States into submission and to cowing to Israel’s preemptive wars.  Israel didn’t sign on to the treaty of non-proliferation of atomic bombs for a simple reason:  Israel has no such costly program.  The western nations are not that dumb:  They know that Israel was born as a rogue State, continued to behave as a rogue State, and will eventually finish as a rogue State.

Germany has been paying for the Israeli half a dozen nuclear propelled submarines and France building them.  These submarines are not equipped with nuclear missile launchers as Israel leaked:  Germany and France are ridiculous, but not that stupid to encouraging rogue States to immature behaviors.

The Dimona reactor was not finished as French Mendes France resigned and the fiasco of the invasion of the Suez canal in 1958 forced Eisenhauer to review the expansionist policies of Israel.  At best, Israel has the necessary experts and personnel to maintaining and controlling the nuclear reactors in the submarines.

Time to go sensible and rational:  We cannot afford juvenile rogue behaviors in the Middle-East.  Time to abide fully with the UN Charters for human rights and dignity.




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