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“Fukushima-type” threats devastating Israel: What is “irradiated colonies”?

Posted on: March 30, 2011

The apartheid structure in Israel is being challenged by nuclear irradiation and Tsunamy-type devastating characteristics.  The new powerful waves of the young Arab masses dislodging entrenched dictator, oligarchy, and absolute monarchy regimes are going strong and reaching far and deep in this region and even in China.

Israel is at total loss and reacting as a puny, tiny, immaterial entity amid this monumental upheaval that nobody know how to resolve its consequences or deal rationally with its causes.

Israel has to deal with two major problems simultaneously:  Israel has old nuclear reactors built in the 1955 by the French that the international nuclear agency cannot check because Israel refuses to sign on the UN non-proliferation nuclear arms. 

The second challenge is how to deal with the new Arab youth?  The US has no leverage over people who demanded changes and got it.  The new governments succeeding to the dictators have no leverage over their people who are aware that frequent demonstrations are the name of the game to keeping these new regimes on their toes and conscious of their promises for reforms.

Ari Shavit wrote in Haaretz: ” Last week my mobile never stopped receiving alarming messages: Supposedly sensible Likud leaders are talking of resuming building new colonies in the West Bank in retaliation of someone killing an entire Jewish family in the colony of Itamar, close to the city of Nablus (the killer has never been identified).

Goush Emounim or “Block of Faith” started colonizing the West Bank in the 70’s, the same period Japan power company Tepco built nuclear power plants.  The two “operators” started from false premises.

Forty years later, Tepco and the colonization of the West Bank grandiose projects are constituting serious peril to Japan and Israel survival.  It is time to cool down the reactors and our colonization plans and come home to Israel proper.  The international community is exhausted of the broken records of Israel need for expanding colonies”

 The international community is feeling sick of Israel’s chimerical security demands when all its behaviors are against peace and security in the region.  Israel prefers to play it dumb as if she is living on an island.

What external and independent agencies can visit Israel’s obsolete nuclear reactors?  Israel refuses any such well-intentioned visits for the safety and security of the Israelis first, and the people in the region second.  Israel is within a seismic tectonic fault and the nuclear power plant is not build originally to sustain even an earthquake of magnitude 7.

Personally, I doubt that Israel has any nuclear warheads or any atomic bombs:  It is all magician propaganda to owe the Arab States into submission and to cowing to Israel’s preemptive wars.  Israel didn’t sign on to the treaty of non-proliferation of atomic bombs for a simple reason:  Israel has no such costly program.  The western nations are not that dumb:  They know that Israel was born as a rogue State, continued to behave as a rogue State, and will eventually finish as a rogue State.

Germany has been paying for the Israeli half a dozen nuclear propelled submarines and France building them.  These submarines are not equipped with nuclear missile launchers as Israel leaked:  Germany and France are ridiculous, but not that stupid to encouraging rogue States to immature behaviors.

The Dimona reactor was not finished as French Mendes France resigned and the fiasco of the invasion of the Suez canal in 1958 forced Eisenhauer to review the expansionist policies of Israel.  At best, Israel has the necessary experts and personnel to maintaining and controlling the nuclear reactors in the submarines.

Time to go sensible and rational:  We cannot afford juvenile rogue behaviors in the Middle-East.  Time to abide fully with the UN Charters for human rights and dignity.

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