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What is “Badna nghayer wa nsaleh nizam”? Youth movement in Lebanon, (Part 4)

Posted on: March 30, 2011

What is “Badna nghayer wa nsaleh nizam”?

It means the youth in Lebanon want to change and reform the sectarian political structure in Lebanon.

It means that the youth have got enough of 18 officially recognized religious sects behaving independently from central government rules and regulations.

Each sect has its own courts for dealing with individual status from birth, to marriage, to divorce, and to death.

You are defined Not as a citizen of Lebanon, but a member of a religious sect recognized by the State.

Each sect has its own “private” educational sectarian system and even sectarian universities.

After over 70 years of “independence” from colonial France, Lebanon was unable to enact civil marriage laws, even of the optional kind!

A few sects permit members of its congregation to get civil marriage in Cyprus and recognized as married when registered in Lebanon.

It means that youth cannot apply for a public job unless he/she bring in the individual status document mentioning religious affiliation:  All public positions are distributed in quota basis. 

You have got no chance, regardless of your qualifications, to be accepted in a position unless the quota is available and the slot freed to your religious affiliation.

The youth movement has to be patient:  The old guards are regurgitating the same melody and stanza on the impossibility of any drastic changes in this social system, where the central government is fundamentally structured to be very weak and impotent to reforming anything of value.

The youth movement is to be steadfast:  The old guards will keep hammering on the same broken records that the Lebanese have to “change sectarianism from their mind” before changing official documents of any mention of religious affiliations.

I feel limited in finding a resolution where check and balance can be erected to coping with the all permeating power of the sacerdotal castes in every States around the world.

Constitutional laws are meant to restrict the implicit power of the thousand tentacles that religions have instituted to infuse their ideologies.

Discussions for recognizing the power of the clergy in our nurturing educational system is an inevitable social educational process.

This is not the time to going on tangents and clash with religious powers.  We want first to delete all records of our religious affiliation from official document and instituting civil laws to all citizens. 

One of the best and most efficient methods is to encourage the establishment of opportunities to exercising choices in every aspect in our lives.

We demand civil laws that regulate our citizenship from birth, marriage, divorce, death, decentralized schooling systems at each of the legislative, legal, and executive branches.

Only available opportunities for choices, backed by political determination to honor those choices in the workforce, in the daily living, and in society structure, can permit a fighting chance for all those free minded, reflective citizens, and families who respect their potential power for deciding what is best for their spiritual development.

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