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Mona Fayyad did just that in Lebanon: You have the right to delete religious affiliation from official documents

Posted on: April 1, 2011

Lebanon: You have the right to delete religious affiliation from official documents.  That’s what Mona Fayyad did.

I suggested in a previous article that we have the right, of a recent obscure and neglected law, to applying for the deletion of our religious affiliation from all our official documents, particularly from our personal status document (Ehkraj Kayd).

That is what Mona Fayyad did.

Mona described the procedure as she decided to delete this information from her official documents.  She wrote in the daily Al Nahar, this Friday April 1st, and I doubt it is one of April’s Foul trick:  “I visited the proper department in the ministry of interior.  I submitted the application to two idle employees.  They could not believe their eyes and claimed that no one ever submitted such a request.  They hollered to the remaining employees if anyone know something on the matter.  One employee said that Wafiq is the one specialized in that domain.

Wafiq read the four-page application and was not pleased (I guess he feared official scorn from the department).  Wafiq asked me to ratify my demand from the Mouhktar (elected official of the town) of my hometown and to verify my signature.

I visited the Mohktar and he was not pleased either, but he did his job.  I went back to the “individual status department” and submitted all my documents.  Wafiq demanded two official stamps.  Someone in the office was kind enough to sell me two stamps.  Wafiq told me that the deletion of my religious affiliation will be done in two days.”

We are waiting for Mona confirmation that what was promised is done.

I suggested that the youth movement shoulder a pragmatic program of starting a mass drive, for willing citizens, to officially applying to the deletion of their religious affiliation as registered by the 18 recognized sects.  First step first.

For example, although any person could request that his religion should not be mentioned on an official document, the movement as a force should undertake a campaign of enlisting citizens to changing their official documents.

The Lebanese youth movement for changing the sectarian political system is asked to initiate a practical drive and have thousands of citizens effectively do what they are demanding.  The movement must take the citizens by the hand, literally, and nudge them to the many official steps required.  Vans should be provided, helping filling the application, visiting with mokhtars, buying the stamps, and landing at the proper department.  That what is most urgent doing to get wide visibility and appreciation of the seriousness of the movement.

Let the Mona Fayyad bold and determined step be our guiding rod to victory.

The youth movement should pressure the government and the Parliament to officially generalize and automatically drop religious affiliation from documents, as a law.

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