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Ridiculous India: Trying comparisons with China

Posted on: April 3, 2011

China and India are vast continent-size States, in the magnitude of the billion in population, and with the fastest and steadiest economic growth rates.  Comparisons stop here, before it degenerates to the ridiculous. China is the first economic country in all kinds of production and exports; India maybe the leading among the economically emerging nations such as Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia,Turkey, Iran…However, in human development indicators, India has to look up to other developing States for comparison.  India is worse than one of the poorest countries such as Bangladesh in human development indicators. You may refer to my article For example:

Life expectancy in China is 74 compared to 64 in India.

Rate of infantile mortality in China is 17 per 1,000 persons compared to 50 in India.

Rate of infantile-juvenile mortality, or children below age of 5,  is 19 per 1,000 individuals in China compared to 66 in India.

Adult literacy in China is 94% compared to 65% in India.

Average formal schooling in China is 7.5 years compared to 4.5 in India.

Girls between 15 to 24 of age are literate 99% in China compared to 80% in India.

Communist China managed to keep up policies for reducing inequalities among the citizens, economic, health, and social development while India could not even dismantle the caste divide due to religious ideology within Hinduism and among the other religious sects.

Although China GNP quadrupled in the last two decades, the inequalities among citizens grew drastically, and the pollution of rivers and environment has shot exponentially.  Indeed, China is becoming as polluting as the US.  It is good that the last parliamentary session in China decided to decrease growth to only 7% instead of 10% in order to tending to the growing demands of the citizens for equitable, and better development of human indicators in health, safety in workplaces, raw mineral mines, and redistribution of opportunities to all provinces.

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