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The question: “Is the UN or the Arab League or the people pro Qadhafist?” is very ridiculous.  I cannot envisage anyone, boldly claiming that he wants Qadhafi and his seven brutal and immature sons to rule the Libyans for another 50 years.

What’s going on in Libya?  One day the revolutionary forces advance and the next day, the Qadhafi forces counter attack and recapture lost territories and cities.  One evidence is clear:  The UN coalition forces will refuse the Qadhafi forces any incursions in the Eastern part of Libya, with the main city of Benghazi, bordering Egypt.

The first three days of the bombing of Qadhafi tanks, fighter planes fields, and anti-air defense arsenals by the UN “coalition” made us breathe a bit more freely:  Qadhafi is not about to massacre every Libyan who carried arms against his illegitimate regime and every demonstrators who refused Qadhafi and his 7 sons playing Nero.

We expected the quick defeat of Qadhafi forces and the return to normalcy.  Wrong.  The UN coalition project is not of the short-term kind: Geopolitical interests are being negotiated among the US, France, England, and Italy and the detailed blueprint needs sometime to be clarified.  Meanwhile, this “humanitarian” intervention is evolving into a lengthy civil war, resembling the civil war in Lebanon:  You catch a prisoner and you execute him summarily.

The first phase of the coalition intervention is meant to drag on indefinitely:  Instead of Libyans being slaughtered by Qadhafi, let Libyans kill one another in a lengthy civil war.  Until all Libyans call “Uncle; please, feed us, we are on our knees, a barrel of oil for a loaf of bread”.  The demand for a horse in exchange to a kingdom should be reserved to Qadhafi and his troglodyte of sons, and not to the common people in Libya.

You have this port  city, Misrata, west of the Capital Tripoli, encircled by the Qadhafi forces, and suffering of the lack of everything, and not receiving any humanitarian aids for over a month now.   The people in Misrata have been engaged in street fighting with the the forces of Qadhafi, and no relief is in the horizon.  A Turkish navy landed yesterday and evacuated 400 injured people.  That is good sign.  How many people must die and be injured before a resolution is found?

It is looking like Libya is in the planning of being divided in East Libya, by the Egyptian borders and including Ras Lanuf oil terminal; and West Libya, including Tripoli by the Tunisia borders, as during the Roman Empire and not the Mussolini Empire.  This is the medium-term project of western Europe and the US; that is why Germany, China, Russia, and Turkey are not that hot for the “humanitarian reasons” to initiating air bombing on Libya territory.

So far, the UN coalition forces are confident to have dismantled Qadhafi air force and air defenses.  The sky and the sea are clear for any land invasion decision, involving ground troops.  No, Libya cannot turn into another Afghanistan:  Libya is sparsely populated, barely 5 million, flat land, and nowhere to hide.

The Libyan deterioration coincided with the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, the worst ever among a long series of nuclear disasters.  What this nuclear disaster has to do with Libya?  Future energy supply and replacement, stupid!  Germany has ordered a moratorium on nuclear energy and the Green parties in Germany are winning elections.  France, England and the US are reviewing their nuclear energy programs, and the flow of oil is a matter of  “strategic interest” at this junction.

Germany economy and policies were directed eastward in Europe and Russia for many centuries:  Germany is supplied in gas and oil from Russia.  The other western European States rely on oil supplied by Libya and Saudi Arabia.  Consequently, Germany, Russia, and China do not want the division of Libya or any de-facto mandated powers in the region.  The US, England, France, and Italy think that the Mediterranean Sea is their locked sea and Germany has no say in the matter to negotiate any initiative in this region.  Ridiculous France and England, crumbling States,hanging on the tail of the US, begging for crumbs.

The UN coalition does not expect any weighty opposition from the Tunisian people; it also expect Egypt to implicitly welcome East Libya to be under its mandated power, a natural extension of Egypt.   Things are looking rosy to the ancient colonial powers, with a glitch:  The Arab masses want no dictators, absolute monarchs, and particularly no colonial mandated power on their lands, absolutely none.

The UN coalition forces are losing their credibility very fast:  People are no fool.  Time to bomb Qadhafi and his clan today. Let the Libyan people decide.

Liz Taylor died on March 23 in Los Angeles.  Liz first marriage was at 17; she could be funny:  She got married 8 times.  At her seventh trial for wedding again, the judge asked her:  “Name me the other six husbands”.  Liz replied: “Is that a memory test?”.

Liz wore a wrist bracelet saying: “I am Liz Taylor. If you find me, take me back to my master”

At her eighth divorce, Liz said: “I am looking for a kind and sensible man.  Is that too much demanding of a millionaire?”

Actually, when she was single at a young age, Liz was harassed to marry.  She would say: “What do you want me to do with a husband?”

In Cannes of 1980, Liz was dipping her bread in oil “olio vergine” and smiled saying: ” I had no luck with my choices of husbands.  The first husband (impotent Nicholas Hilton) left me.  The second, (Michael Wilding) I left him.  The third, (Eddie Fisher, drug addict) I left him…”

She fell in love with Montgomery Cliff, a homosexual, with whom she acted “Suddenly last summer”, at the period lobotomy was the in-thing in the US.  Katherine Hepburn was no match to Liz as the leading actress,  She loved James Dean, another homosexual.  While shooting “Giant”, Liz had long conversations with Dean, stretching into the night.  They became friends and Dean felt the need to confide:  A priest had molested him when he lost his parents at a very young age.

The other leading actor in “Giant” was Rock Hudson, another homosexual.  When Hudson died of AIDS, Liz started a campaign for a cure to AIDS.

At the set of shooting “Cleopatra”, Richard Burton, a famous theater actor in England, was practically a non-entity in the movie industry.  Burton plan was to grab this opportunity and made Liz fall in love with him.  Burton created a tantrum in Rome and the USA when he declared to the paparazzi: “I fucked Liz over the hood of my Cadillac”.  Burton was happily married with children and returned to his wife in Switzerland after the end of the film.

Liz wanted nothing but Burton.  She faked several suicide attempts and the couple ended divorcing their corresponding partners and getting wed.  Liz and Richard were front page in dailies and magazines for many years.  It was not an easy relationship:  Each one wanted to be the boss in the marriage.  The movie “Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?” described the tag of war between the couple.   They were both excellent in their roles.  As Liz received the Oscar for that movie, Richard understood that he had no chance against Liz as a leading actor in movies.  Richard sunk into drunkenness: He was alcoholic.

Liz and Richard separated, divorced, remarried, re-divorced. Liz never gave Richard a reprieve:  She was terribly jealous.  She used to attend all of Richard theater scenes in New York for six months.  Richard died at the age of 59 from a brain hemorrhage in Switzerland.  Liz prayed on his tomb a couple of days later.  Later in her life, she was asked: “Do you think that you will meet with Richard again?” Liz thought a little and replied: “yes, we are bound to meet”

One stable behavior with Liz is shopping for jewelry every time she was feeling down, and her husbands and boyfriends lavished her with what she desired.  She befriended Michael Jackson who covered her with carats of gold,  emeralds and pearls.

Liz was born in England in 1932.  She started acting in Hollywood at the age of 9.  She acted with dog Lassie, famous horses, birds of paradise…Her father abandoned her and Liz got into the habit of eating ice-cream with her friend Judy Garland, and getting fat.  It is reported that Howard Hughes was willing to shed one million of dollars for one night with Liz at the age of 14.

Liz Taylor is a trade-mark  slut:  The most engaged slut against injustices, oppression, debil laws, stupidity of men, maltreatment…After Liz departure, not many men will suffer sudden heart attacks when she looked them straight in the eyes.  She was not educated and her vocabulary was limited:  She didn’t study Shakespeare or did theater.  She said at 17:  “How do you expect me to concentrate on my study when Robert (first husband) keeps his tongue in my mouth?”




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