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“Two or three things that I know about them…” part 1, Book review

Sabine de Bustros and Loris Moutran had a bunch of questions.  For two years, they interviewed French personalities and gathered their responses.  This part is of the kinds of questions they asked.

Part two will include samples of answers.

1  If the night could say a word?

2  What is eternity?

3  If you were an echo?

4  If you were a gesture?

5  What cannot be communicated?

6  What is fear?

7  What do you watch alone?

8  What you could never forget?

9  How do you negotiate with the unknown?

10 You are a tear drop: Where do you stop?

11 You are a caress: Where do you land?

12 What is sadness?

13 What is smile?

14 What is an emotion?

15 What silence holds?

16 What cannot be grabbed?

17 What is the impossible?

18 What is not logical?

19 Any use for the redundant?

20 What is beauty?

21 What is decency?

22 What is leaving?

23 What is your noise?

24 What give eternity to emotions?

25 What gesture for sadness?

26 If pain was a location: Where would it be?

27 If soul could give a kiss: Where would it be given?

28 If tears could form a sentence?

29 What is the Hour of the moon?

30 What is the gift of autumn?

31 What is a terrible love?

32 What is the sound of solitude?

33 If you were an error, a mistake?

34 What season describes best?

35 What mark would you leave?

36 Ask a single question to God

37 What book you like to be?

38 What fictitious love affair you like to have?

39 Where is your ideal  stopover?

40 What is an instant?

41 What’s the origin of solitude?

42 What is your preferred dance?

43 Your preferred water?

44 Preferred light?

45 Preferred rhythm?

46 preferred work of art?

47 Preferred Word?

48 Space you would hate to fill?

49 If you were a lie?

50 Is fire a beginning or an end?

51 If you were a form?

52 A question most revealing about you?

53 In what shape should God appear?

54 A single reason to selling your soul?

55 What would you suppress or delete if you were immortal?

56 What is induced sadness?

57 The single fear you would like to confront?

58 What in life is never anticipated?

59 What justify the truth of a word?

60 What word is as powerful as a storm?

61 The music of your life?

62 How to be reincarnated?

63 The difference between destiny and fatality

64 Name your prime emotion

65 What God should know?

66 A compliment that destabilizes you?

67 Time is a wheel or a stage?

68 Is life a question or an answer?

69 Would you build in space or in time?

70 What would you introduce as a preamble?

71 What is your own question?

Nature needed one billion year to create a mononucleosis cell of viruses; stupid nature required two billion years to evolve the stupid cell into another reproductive cell of the bacteria.  In this decade, biochemist scientists, strong with a genome synthesizer and the four basic chemicals constituting the DNA, have managed to synthesize the DNA of chromosome.  And it works:  The synthesized living “creatures” are  doing fine and evolving “normally”.

There was a period in mankind evolution, where half a dozen mankind species overlapped and lived on earth.  The nicknamed “Homo Sapience” decided to force it a bit:  At that time, Mr. Homo had no sense of humor and could not stand “anomalies”.  You might say he was scared of nature uncanny sense of humor, displaying in front of him similar species, that he could not fathom how to communicate with.  Nothing changed fundamentally:  There are a few community around the world who tolerate Mr. Homo of different skin color, eye color, hair style, funny languages… But basically, our culturally acquired knowledge, that we are indeed scientifically of the same specie, is making inroads.

Consequently, mankind got bolder:  He is now bored with seeing himself in 7 billion people, most of them not worth surviving, and he decided to evolve synthetically.  Fact is, many animal species have been modified and are hybrid kinds such as goat/sheep, lama/camel; tiger/lion, cow/bison… A few of them are being tested to live in the wild…

Scientists have created various color hybrids animals:  Orange, green, blue, phosphorescent (glowing in the dark)…depending on the marine algae cells used in the manipulations.  I guess these color changes of your skin can be reversible via another manipulations, and if you can afford i,t you may change to fluorescent colors, as if you meant to transform the color of your hair, or have a suntan…

Biochemist scientists and other specialized scientists are working on very performing ear implants:  Capable of hearing ultrasounds, greater discrimination in tonality, kind of “bat my ear” stupid… They are also working on very performing eyes implants:  Capable of seeing ultraviolet rays and focusing better than binoculars, kinds of “eagle my eyes” stupid.

Actually, rodents are created with extra ears; one of the ears is as large as mankind’s ear for transplant purposes.  You have all sorts of manipulations with extra wings, extra legs… The brain of stupid eel runs a device.  Most of these animal species have no autonomous capabilities and are controlled by operators.

It is common knowledge that well to do families can have children safe of genetically inherited deficiencies and ailments:  the physician test-destroy the defective semen and ovules and transplant the good couples in either a normal womb or an artificial environment for gestation of the fetus.

Soon, the rich families will add “superhuman” ears and eyes implants on their baby so that the young and malleable brain gets accustomed with the powerful sensory organs:  Just visualize an adult with transplanted powerfully performing ear and eye transplants and running amok, naked, disheveled, and screaming his disarray of seeing images, and hearing noises…

If you think that specimen of synthesized mankind are not in the pipeline, dream on: They do exist and are being tested, trained, and evaluated.  Mind you that there are more “philanthropic” foundations than State institutions.  The rich people hate to pay taxes every year and having a fiscal institution meddling in their affairs.  Thus, the rich prefer to pay an amount of tax upfront and deposit their wealth in a foundation:  The working capital of the foundation is generated from interest earned and they are huge sums of money, larger than the budgets of many UN organizations.

If any State give crap to the foundation, it moves its operations and “research installations” to anyone of the 193 recognized UN States.  Many of the Eugenics-kind of research and development (for selective purposes of people) are being conducted by foundations, alongside military ministries.   From time to time, one of these inventions are disseminated to the benefit of the common people and making more money from the poorer nations.

Mind you that the 1% of the elite classes around the world still need 25% of the population to exhibit robust slavery constitutions, even after doomsday.  Smart scientists might as well evolve the new breed of mankind into resistant specie to nuclear radiations.  Actually, let us build a specie whose cells will absorb nuclear radiations and transform them into usable energies instead of food intakes.

Note:  The idea was generated from the TEDx session in Awkar, this Thursday.  Thanks Riad for the ride.




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