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Question:  Is it possible to design a system, a product, a service, an institution (public or private) that is health guaranteed, injury-free, safe-free, error-free to users?  Can we account for the thousands of different behaviors and emotional conditions of mankind, ever changing with time and situations?  Are you shooting for these kinds of perfect designs or perfection?  That would be a very commendable purpose: Always having the well-being of users in mind.

The French architect and activist, Roland Castro,  asked: “Is there any danger seeking perfection?”  He replied: “The entire 20th century testifies that seeking perfection is the definition of living in hell.  All the totalitarian ideologies have repeatedly demonstrated that the ultimate consequence for perfection or organizing society according to a perfect structure is simply the realization of hell on earth. The fantasy of perfection is the most lethal weapon in mankind spirit. Perfection is a dangerous absurdity.”

If we review the totalitarian ideologies from the Catholic Church, Calvinism, French revolution, fascism, Nazism, Trotsky communism, Stalin communism, Mao Tse Tung communism, Pol Pot communism in Cambodia, Zionism ideology, apartheid ideologies, Qadhafi “green little book revolution”, US capitalism…we can recognize the absurdity of systems meant for the ultimate in perfection.

The root cause of all these ideologies of perfection is the most basic racist tendency of eugenics selection of the elite classes in order to reaping the bounty, under this archaic fear of lacking the means for the survival of their cherished offspring…

When I hear an individual babbling on perfection, his need to doing a perfect job, his anxiety for feeling unable to reach perfection, I get very scared.  I got this visceral feeling that the guy is on a sure path to losing it.  Invariably, this “perfect person” to be has been for a while in extended spiritual isolation; he  is convinced that if he sit still, the world will turn around him and every soul will be paying him a visit for conversation and to commune with him.

Suppose I ask you: “What is perfection?”  How the hell would you know?  If a single person disagree with whatever definition or concept of “what is perfect” then it is no longer perfect.  Your concept of perfection is already an illusion, an ego trip based on chimerical principles not founded on anything solid and real. You have many people saying: “I am focusing on perfecting my behaviors and how to handle my emotions.”

This process is an illusion:  You need other people to communicate with and compare behavior and emotions; you need physical contact to recognize your progress in your endeavor.  Having an ideal to construct is contrary to perfecting an attitude.  The ideal is a boost to constructive achievement. There is a sense of fatality in seeking perfection:  We want to control everything, even the present  moment.  We fail to catch destiny unfolding before our eyes; we refuse to give credit that ideas are not our own, just borrowed intuition from the contribution of the many. People who are determined in doing what they do best in life are not seeking perfection in their task or hobby:  They simply enjoy what they are doing.

The tasks or skills are the definition of their contentment and happiness.  These people are among the living, they have a life, and they cherish the present life.  They are not into this sick paranoia of reconstituting the world to match their isolated illusions. Talents alone leads nowhere.  Talent without the urge to rediscovering your talent, meaning acquiring more knowledge about your work and hobby, leads nowhere.

Actually, this kind of talent is a negative catalyst for the laziness of the mind:  We feel contented but unable to share with others our talent. Getting on with your hobby consistently, improves your talent and your need to share your happiness.  Once you reach the stage for this need to sharing with others then, whatever you are doing is already useful:  Anything becomes useful once you gain partners, sharing in your happiness. What a terrible job of being elected guru:  That would be the ultimate in illusory perfection.

There is no exit.  There is no further improvement, no change, no transformation. The ultimate fear of showing normal healthy emotions and feeling.

Noble beautiful feelings? Cultural acquisition? Do animals have any?

French movie director, Jean-Jacques Annaud, asked the question: “Are Noble beautiful feelings a cultural attraction? Do you think animals are governed by just instincts“?  He answered:

“Animals don’t have but beautiful feelings:  They may kill for the pleasure of it. In one of my movies, “The Bear”, my bear turned out to be afraid of trouts.  I blocked the river and discharged a truckload of trouts:  the bear would not return to his cage until he destroyed all the trouts.  Many carnivorous animals kill for the feeling of power.

I lived with primitive tribes:  They don’t necessarily have noble feelings.

In the countryside, every creature kills what he can kill, and every creature is fundamentally on the defensive and guarding their territory for safety and security. Plants get protection surrounded with thorn…

Mammalian species have strong attraction to their offspring:  The babies are part of the mother flesh and possession.

Mankind has managed to forget that they are to live forever: Man do not use the instinct of giving birth for survival purposes and keeping the lineage as animals do.

The French biologist, Jean Rostand wrote in 1930: ” We have to accept mixing, in order to survive“.  Without accepting others, regardless of color, race…there is no way to survive.

I observed a goose mourning its dead little swan for 15 days, coming to the same location and crying its sadness. The same goose drowned 18 of my small ducks so that to preserve earth worms to its offspring.  It is like a man killing a bunch of “invaders” who robbed their apple orchard.

Mankind has fabricated his own food stuff, and thus, opted to stealing milk, eggs, fish,…being at the highest food chain. Elephants venture to particular elephant cemetery to die, as Eskimo get drowned in cold water to finish their old life.”

Do you have any replies to Jean-Jacques Annaud?

Jean-Jacques Annaud answered a bunch of questions in the interview with Sabine de Bustros and Loris Moutran.  Here are samples of responses:

Life is very clear.  Life is the answer to our queries and not the basis for our questions.  Eternity is materialized in such forces as electromagnetism…All chemical components of the living and inanimate objects keep their cycles of recombining to get transformed into other living subjects.

Nothing cannot be communicated, and music is the best medium to communicate feelings that we cannot express otherwise.

Fear is the result of incomprehension:  The moment we have doubt about ourselves, it becomes difficult to comprehend the other point of view.  For example, if you do not express fear to animals, they retreat.

Smiling is a very beautiful gesture: Smiling suggest openness to the others we meet; it is an invitation to be kissed.  Beauty is almost everything that is functional and working fine.  Every civilization and every period has its own criteria for beauty.

Decency is the incapacity to showing emotions.  Emotions have an eternal characteristic because they are very primitive impulses in our brain, such as rhythms.  Getting ready to leave is an urge to experiencing new discoveries.

I love the rise of the moon at 11 pm in summertime.

The book that I will keep on an island is the encyclopedia.

The word “failure” can generate storms in me.  I try to avoid saying “Yes” because you feel like a traitor if you change your mind; I prefer saying “No” to every query and then thinking and reflecting on the question before changing my mind.

If I have to give an image to a lie, what comes to my mind is a bird with long, heavy feathers that prevent him from flying, such as the colibri.

Do you have any replies to Jean-Jacques Annaud?




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