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Happiness was premature: Cool dog Misha did it again

Posted on: May 14, 2011

Happiness was premature: Cool dog Misha did it again

I published a couple of days ago how cool dog Misha was rescued from eating poisoned food.

We had breathed a heavy sight of relieve as Misha vomited the poisonous ingredients.  Misha didn’t like the “vegetable” coal that William made him swallow through a syringe:  He started to walk, seeking a silent place, away from the vigilant crowd.

Misha was fine for the last two days and then he decided to pay visits to houses.

Cool and friendly Misha was like: “Hello, sorry for not visiting the last couple of days.  I was not feeling well”  Unperturbed, mankind offered Misha a second portion of poisoned food.  This time around, Misha didn’t last long enough for William cures to have any effect.

Smart Misha felt that she was poisoned again.  Shivering and barely able to stand, she managed to climb 4  floors so that William may take care of her ailment.  As Hanane recounted: “I remember how poor Michat was suffering after climbing the four floors. Misha did everything to intrigue us William and I.  Things that she’s not allowed to do and that she would never do.  As if she was telling us “please help me I have no idea what is happening to me. Misha was so scared”.

William administered the vomiting inducing medicine, but Misha was too weak to even empty her stomach.  The vegetable coal were already crushed, but Misha had died.

William wrapped Misha with a rope and let the corpse down four floor.  Cousin Murielle had the fright of her life as she witnessed Misha being descended on a rope.

Misha was barely 6 years of dog-age.  Misha accompanied us on our trekking trips and made sure to be going back and forth, checking on our safety.

I was working in the garden around 4 pm, after it rained all day long.  Mother hollered to me from the yard saying: “Come down”  I said: “Tell me what do you want”.  She said: “Misha is dead. Come pay your respect.  She is in the garden

I thought that the poison got Misha after all, but William told me that Misha was poisoned again!

William, Victor, and I dug a large hole in the garden and buried Misha.

Victor asked Chelsea and her best friend Marybelle, who was spending the day, to cut a few roses and throw them on the burying ground.  We had buried another dog in the garden, but Misha was very special: The gentlest, most clever, meekest dog, and friendly with everyone.

It was hard work digging the three of us, but it was harder accepting man cruelty.

We miss lovable and clever Misha.

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