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Hottest 20 posts in May

Posted on: June 2, 2011

Home page More stats 680
Arab Sex Art More stats 475
Who planned the 9/11/2001 attack on Twin Towers?? More stats 306
What’s going on in Syria? What is “Moratorium on dictators and absolute monarchs”? More stats 211
Sex Preparations before wedding night More stats 153
Al-Walid Bin Talal: Biography of a multi-billionaire More stats 98
Season of Migration to the North More stats 97
Happiness was premature: Cool dog Misha did it again More stats 74
Temporary marriage contracts: Sigheh and city of Mashhad (Iran) More stats 66
“I heard the owl call my name” More stats 58
What’s going on in Bahrain: Saudi Arabia sending “expeditionary forces”? More stats 57
What’s going on in Syria? Any insider pieces of intelligence? Part two More stats 57
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969): Vietnam Communist but Nationalist by choice More stats 50
TEDx Ramallah in Beirut (Sunflower theater); part one More stats 47
Any single good reason for Nuclear power plants? More stats 46
Who was assassinated 500 meters from a Pakistani military base? Is he Osama bi Laden or Al Liby? More stats 44
Speakers lucubration at TEDx meeting at LAU Beirut, May 26, 2011 More stats 41
Sex for a Sufi More stats 39
“Opus Pistorum” (porno) More stats 39
Who are the Akas pygmies; their songs? Who is Louis Sarno? More stats 36
Who is Julian Assange? Who is Daniel Domscheit-Berg? More stats 36
Sources of misogyny in Islam: not from the Prophet at all More stats 35
Apache, Tomahawk… Any common relation to Osoma bin Laden? More stats 34

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