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What comes first? Practically irrelevant.  Philosophically it is the main story

I am adopting the opportunistic tactics to updating and re-editing older articles as they pop-up in hits.  This article was published three years ago and I generated a deduction after re-reading the article.  The deduction will be the last paragraph.

There is this hellish cycle: a chicken lays an egg to generate chicken; and the cycle continues.  What comes first, nature or nurture, facts or equation…? Most of the time the reasoning is not productive practically, and totally an irrelevant question in most cases.

Human brain is not satisfied with this obvious mechanism: our brain wants to know the origin of the process.  For example, what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Then what? Would this cycle cease to exist if we “resolve” the origin problem? Would any interpretation or conjecture makes a difference?

Now suppose we take a different perspective and instead of considering the source, we tackle the problem as a medium issue? Let us declare: the egg uses the chicken as a mean to generate another egg.  Would that satisfy human curiosity and drop the origin “idée-fix”?

It makes plenty of sense: an egg is an egg and uses many different mediums (name with me the varieties of fowls that lay eggs; hell, snakes lay eggs!) Sure, the “essence” or nature of the egg is different when hatched but the process is fundamentally the same. Eggs can be hatched without fowls: industrial processes do it all the time. An egg can be altered genetically and generate a diversity of fowls.

Can we claim that it is the process that counts? It appears that the chicken must have come first:  There are more essential components in a chicken that an egg lacks.

Still, human mind would counter: “who created the egg or the first kind of egg in the first place?” Now we are back to “origins” and creators.  What if it is not the egg that count during the process or mechanism that generated an egg?

Would the purpose of sciences be based on the study, analysis, and invention of processes that optimize the production of particular products that human need?  Maybe not to survive as mankind, but indeed to live in luxury and opulence while living?

By analogy to chicken and egg cycle, let us consider the cycle of laws and facts (data).  Let us bypass the previous lengthy reasoning and tackle the problematic head on. Let me state: “facts use laws to produce facts.”  There are varieties of natural and social laws that generate facts for the brain to perceive. Actually, the brain is the machine that set the foundations for generating laws in order to perceive facts.

The brain is the eminent scientist: no law can be discovered that the brain had not the potential to recognize or manufacture. The Erica syndrome is common among scientists: a law was in hiding to taunt the hard working and focused scientist to discover it, by using many viewing perspectives and possibilities.

The brain has the scientific mechanism in place to discovering whatever laws or “truths” we are willing to uncover.  We use reasoning methods such as deductive, inductive, and abductive methods (you may read my post “Abduction field”); we use all kinds of plausible logic systems to structure our processes; we have various senses to extend our perception into “seeing” the facts.

Actually vision and hearing go through many filters (processes) in order to be perceived by the brain: they are more complex and richer impressions (distorted perceptions) than smell, taste or touch. All we have to do is to take seriously the “rhetorical” mechanisms (analogy, association…) that the brain is excellent at processing in order to offer us the means to discoveries.

It is time that scientists boldly proclaim that their Ericas were pretty much within the common realm of capabilities of every normal man, if he had the passion and endurance to go the extra mile in whatever could interest his “nature”.

The “truth” is this: the universe is the facts and the brain the laws.  Our brain is just the medium to perceive models of the real universe. If we manage to preserve an adult human brain from deterioration, then the brain will “sees” universes and it will create new facts to amuse and exercise its “curiosity”.  Preserve a new born brain and it will “see” the same incoherent universe (whatever this thing might be) in vivid colors and rich sounds that adult brains have blunted for survival needs: the brain needs outside impressions to form and become an efficient processors of impressions to perceive coherent worlds.

For example, I tend to agree with Umberto Eco that books generate books.  Authors are medium in that process. An author does not have to have read plenty of books to emulate a notion, an idea, a concept, or a process that was not already published.

The human brain is assimilating world data and world knowledge and many “coincidences” are very much “reasonably” plausible. (You may read my post “how the mind acquires knowledge”)

Egg generates eggs, book generates books, fact generates facts, but they “mean” nothing if mankind brain lacks the potential to generate models for comprehending the needs for egg, book, or fact.  The essence is comprehending, any which way feasible, otherwise, the philosophical question has no reason to pop-up.

Note 2:  You may read the follow up article

Open Letter to Hassan Nasr Allah: General Secretary of Hezbollah

In part 1, I stated

“I have the highest respect for this organization, Hezbollah, that saved Lebanon twice from becoming a total non-entity within the last decade.  Since Hezbollah is the most powerful movement in Lebanon in number, organization, military training, and in readiness, it has the potential to either drive Lebanon to a secular democratic system or strengthen the multi-theocratic structure that the Lebanese have been subjugated to since independence in 1943.

This important social and political force can either spread havoc or strengthen the independence of Lebanon, depending on open dialogue and communication among all Lebanese political parties. With Hezbollah, I feel that Lebanon is no longer just a Non-State that was recognized by the UN in 1946, but has acquired the status of a Nation; a tiny Nation, but with the potential of agreeing that we are citizens under civic law and against all contingencies.

Either we keep apprehensive of a planned “Wilayat Fakih” strategy, a stronger and more centralized theocratic system than what we have in Lebanon, or Hezbollah can be the catalyst for the Lebanese society to build a State that gives a meaning to the modern citizen, regardless of religious affiliation, genders, or “tribal and feudal” chattel mentality.

Either Lebanon eases its way to a unified modern State, with secular civil laws and equitable election laws, or we will end up with two drastic different groups:  The theocratic political parties, representing the archaic current political structure, or the secular and democratic political parties representing the aspiration of the new generations.

There are roadblocks to the institution of a modern Lebanese political system. These roadblocks can be surmounted by open dialogue if “theocratic fundamentals” from all religious sects are not set are immune to discussion, and out of the realm of rational dialogue.”

In the previous part of the open letter I discussed three roadblocks (see link in note 1).  Briefly the 3 first roadblocks are:

First roadblock.  The Lebanese aspire to freedom of expressions, opinions, and gathering.  That the embassador to Iran feels he is entitled to meddle in our internal affairs and pressure the authorities to censure a movie produced in Iran is not acceptable…

Second roadblock.  Hezbollah needs to lay off its “theocratic” myths.

The first religious myth is the “dress codes” to both male and female…

The second religious myth to get rid off is combining political and religious responsibilities…

Third religious myth. Starting speeches with a long litany of the “honored” descendants of the Prophet Muhammad… is not appropriate

Fourth religious myth.  My fourth worry is this trend of re-writing history to please cultural propaganda of a nascent Islamic regional power such as Iran.  Shiaa have lived in northern Palestine, Lebanon, and northern Syria many centuries before the Turkish Safavid Empire ruled Iran in the 17th century and decided to adopt the Shiaa sect as the Kingdom religion…

Third roadblock.  Hezbollah has to desist challenging the international community:  It is counter productive to declaring that no power on earth can execute the UN resolutions not satisfactory to Hezbollah, not for 300 years.  These declarations are redundant, since they have been stated several times and the Lebanese knows what can be executed on the ground.  What Hezbollah can do is re-establishing the independence and credibility of Lebanon’s judicial system and let the our legal institutions handle the legal process in Lebanon…

This part is expanding on other serious roadblocks to a unified Lebanon on the highway of modern Statehood.

Fourth roadblock.  Hezbollah has to put into execution a plan for the coordination among the the resistance, the army, and the people for an effective national defensive strategy against Israel repeated preemptive war of aggression on Lebanon territory: Israel that has invaded Lebanon 6 times since 1948.

The first step toward an effective coordination in defensive strategy is for Hezbollah to tone down its potential military might, in speeches and in actions within Lebanon.  The shock strategy should be directed to the civilians in Israel.

Israel will attempt another “preemptive war” on Lebanon on the ground that Hezbollah is a dangerous enemy to the existence of the State of Israel.  As long as the military industrial and communication complex is developed in Israel, Israel will always find a catalyst (an excuse) to waging preemptive wars.  It is not the modern and sophisticated weapons that encourage the Zionist State to unproductive and foolish war mentality, but its developed and complex military infrastructure in producing, maintaining, and upgrading whatever weapons it has for testing and exporting.

Consequently, the Lebanese army task is to returning fire with fire, and it does not need expensive weapons for that job.

Hezbollah should focus on destroying Israel military infrastructure and thus, preventing further Israeli military campaigns.  As Israel military industrial complex is weakened, the right-wing Jewish zealots (mostly concentrated in occupied colonies) will recover their rational mind for serious negotiation, away from stupid and mythical “theocratic fundamentals”.

Is Hezbollah serious in the coordination efforts among the army and the entire Lebanese people and social structure?

Is every valley and mountain top guarded by the army? The new “opposition government” should be ready to go the extra step toward effective coordination of the efforts.

It is most plausible that Israel is readying for another preemptive war early this September, or it might advance its D-Day as Syria tanks enter Hama:  Thus, fomenting a civil war that was not forthcoming. (Read note #1)

Fifth roadblock:  The personification mania of posting photos of the main “leader” on every street, and for this leader to be the designated person to delivering important messages. What Hezbollah should project is this willingness to negotiate and to seek peace and stability and is not following orders from foreign States to doing the bidding…

For example, suppose in the next preemptive war of the Zionist State, Hezbollah project the impression that it didn’t perform according to the Lebanese and “Arab” masses as during the 2006 war?

Wouldn’t the general morale in the Arab and Islamic world be affected negatively?

And wouldn’t the current democratic revolts lose a lot of its wind for quicker changes?

The people will jump to the conclusion that Hezbollah was unable to surmount the weaknesses of the previous long standing traditional Arabic regimes, that it sank into the same temptations, that it emulated the personification of a national resistance into one individual, like Yasser Arafat, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Hafez Assad, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Kadhafi…

There is no need to displaying monster big  pictures of Khomeiny, Khamenie… Unless Hezbollah is witnessing internal weaknesses and is trying hard to rally all the Shiaa under a theocratic ideology, an ideology that we experienced it problems and alienated most Lebanese…

Sixth roadblock.  Physical communication among the various districts in Lebanon has to be instituted.  So far, many Lebanese have visited the south, with heavy concentration of Shiaas.  The reverse trend should be established.  The Shiaa in South Lebanon and in Dahieh need to physically visit other unfamiliar districts and physically communicate with the other Lebanese.

The scout structure can be an ideal organization for various social strata to get to know one another and to hiking all-over Lebanon and getting exposed to diversity.. .And the government should focus on allocating public meeting places in every town, equipped with audio-visual facilities:  The rationale is that, when the public gathering places are available, the citizens will use them and community activities will mushroom and flourish…

Lebanon is a very tiny, highly volatile, unstable society, and NOT immune to radical revolts. Let us declare Moratorium on:

 First, a Moratorium on spreading religious myths

Second, a Moratorium on absolute monarchs and dictators who have been spreading the poison that Arabs and Islamic people are not fit for democratic systems and rational thinking.  The “Arab Spring” uprising are one step in that direction.

Note 1:  Israel is serious about launching its 6th preemptive war on Lebanon, early this September for several reasons:

First, Israel knows that war (the only activity that Israel did better than anything else before the 2006 war) is the best diplomatic means to delaying the establishment of a Palestinian State:  A war before the UN vote will delay the issue and Israel will gain more time for proving that a Palestinian State is a geo-political non-feasibility…

Second, Israel will try again, using a different military strategy to weakening the military might of Hezbollah.  Hezbollah is the most scary enemy to Israel because no system can destroy short and medium-range missiles, landing by the hundreds on cities, towns, airfields, and military infrastructure and production complexes…

Third, Israel will coax Syria to respond and take the initiative to demolishing the regime security forces centers and headquarter of Bashar al Assad.  Consequently, facilitating regime change and weakening the strategic links of Iran in that region.

Fourth, Israel is about to get the green light for that preemptive war from the US and Turkey.  This triumvirate has reached an agreement that the Moslem Brotherhood parties sharing power in Egypt and Syria is good to business and stability.

Iran wishes that Israel will refrain from coaxing the Syrian regime into a war, simply because any war with Syria will change the name of the game with its strategic ally.

Iran wants to agree with the US, China, and Russia that the most plausible alternative in the short-term is a resumption of benign insurgencies, and the Syrian regime not going overboard with its repressions.  I believe Israel beg to foolishly differ:  Israel military infrastructure and production is the strongest catalyst for engaging in preemptive wars:  It is good for business and for the military budget in periods of internal crisis.

Lebanon will endure harsh periods whether Bashar regime succeed or fail.  Especially, if a civil war sweeps Syria:  Lebanon social structure is so drastically divisive.  Would the new Lebanese government take seriously the imminent next preemptive war and vigorously coordinate the defensive strategy among the resistance, the army, and the people?

Frankly, what may delay the preemptive war in early September is a strong stand by Egypt (State and people) and a change of regime in Syria.  I believe, this time around, a preemptive war launched by Israel will be catastrophic to this Zionist State, economically, politically, and militarily.

Definite political and social changes will get roots in the Middle-East.  “An Arab Autumn Revolt” will spread its fire and seeds for freedom and democratic systems.

Note 2: The link to the first part of the open letter




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