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Death is not depressing: It is the Wham! The silence afterward…

Posted on: July 8, 2011

Death is not depressing:  It is the Wham! The silence afterward

A second ago, you have this lively creature, and then it ceases to move; that must be depressing.  It is like a vigorous mosquito, stinging you and harassing you…and wham!  You feel relieved, but can’t shake off this feeling of depression at the sight of this inanimate so little thing, which captured all your attention a short while ago, and covered the entire room with its buzzing…

Luckily, we feel depressed on rare occasions (don’t we? Occasions that catalyze our depressive moods are rarer than Fukushima catastrophe!):  You are pretty sure the mosquito is dead, but the body cannot be located anywhere.  Legally, there is no ground to feeling depressed.  It is like the security forces of a violent dictator or absolute monarch:  The first fundamental they learn is “First, Dig the Mass Grave”.  You don’t want families parading the “martyrs” in open streets and displaying the distorted bodies in open gaskets, and chanting victory or “down with…”.

It is not death that is depressing: It is this sustained calm and silence, before the storm, a calamity about to strike.  It is like a brutal dictator watching a lively and peaceful demonstration down his window:  He cannot feel depressed at this junction!  Suddenly, his security forces disperse the marchers; the streets are emptied, and quietude is re-established.  The next day…Wham! A few officers who had been filmed live disfiguring a cadaver, suddenly disappear.  Capital mistake:  You forgot that the dictator should not be given any reason to feeling depressed. Sort of a strong correlation existing between feeling depressed and feeling guilty.

It is like a close friend is reduced to being paraplegic; his brain is still functioning full speed, and even much better than in his agitated lively state,  nothing works.  No matter how you prepare your attitude to acting upbeat, it never works, you are a lousy actor when depressed. 

It is like you are engaged in a crazy discussion, and somehow you “misplaced” a word, a sentence, and your crazy companion fidget, sit rigid, opened mouthed…No matter how righteous you thought your position was, you feel guilty, you feel depressed.  That bastard should have kept blubbering incoherently:  That is the main reason for discussion.

Only lively movement can extend the feeling of living and hope in the slithering and volatile future.  Society worship youth for a fundamental reason:  Youth give the impression that life is resuming its course; we vanquished apathy and indifference.  It is like you water a parcel of something you saw a few days ago, and a morning exhibits a green something covering you labor. Keep moving and acting!

Qadhafi mastered the skill of “changing everything frequently, in order to changing nothing”:  Keeping the momentary Capital, the institutions, the Constitution, and technocrats were to be kept momentary realities:  They are to be frequently transformed, displaced, retrograded, reinstituted…in order not to change anything in the environment of power he feels most comfortable in.

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