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Israel is announcing to World Community: “I am ready for another preemptive war. Back me up!”

Posted on: July 17, 2011

Israel is announcing to World Community: “I am ready for another preemptive war. Back me up!”

Do you believe the State of Israel had ever a positive, peaceful, and happy announcement to communicate to the outside world?  You have the impression that the successive governments in Israel are plagued with very depressive conditions:  The only way out for Israel’s governments to vent their anger and insecure internal situations is to have some fun waging another preemptive war; it does not matter who is the enemy.

You have this constant impression that Israel oligarchy ruling the military infrastructure, production of military hardware, and export of military materials is the supreme institution in the State of Israel.  When this military oligarchy (constituted of former defense ministers and Chief-of Staffs, and financial institution leaders), wants to test its products and encourage export of machines of death,  “civil” governments are just facade, and its sole role is disseminating lame excuses and preparing the world community to expect another preemptive war!

Have you noticed that only Israel and the superpowers with veto “rights” in the UN security council wage preemptive wars and never pay restitution for illegal aggressions and occupations ?  Is it why they keep waging “preemptive wars”?

In the last two months, Israel has been declaring its readiness to go to war.  Who is this Ban Kee Moon? Is he the secretary general of the UN who was re-appointed for another term to “lead” the world community and establish peace, preserving human rights, investigating the progress of the UN indicators for human development?

Shouldn’t Ban Kee Moon respond to Israel threats for destabilizing world community?   Shouldn’t Ban Kee Moon take the podium and warn Israel that “enough is enough!?”  That the Palestinians in Gaza are living in an open vast concentration camp, and this condition is not within the human rights obligation of a State recognized by the UN? Shouldn’t Ban Kee Moon work relentlessly to drum up a support campaign for the establishment of a Palestinian State?

Israel massacred over 100 peaceful Palestinians, using snipers, against Palestinian demonstrators on the borders for their rights of return, guaranteed by the UN in 1948.  What did this Ban Kee Moon said? “We urge all concerned parties to keep calm and refrain of violence”  Israel repeated its feat and killed 300 peaceful Palestinian demonstrators the next week .

What did this Ban Kee Moon said? “We urge all concerned parties to keep calm and refrain of violence!”  When Israel killed 9 peaceful civilians on “Freedom 1” boats heading to Gaza, what do you think this Ban Kee Moon said? “We are waiting for Israel “independent report” on the killing… and we urge all concerned parties to keep calm and refrain of violence”

Israel is serious about launching its nth preemptive war, early this September for several reasons:

First, Israel knows that war (the only activity that Israel did better than anything else, before the 2006 war) is the best diplomatic means to delaying the establishment of a Palestinian State:  A war before the UN vote will delay the issue and Israel will gain more time for proving that a Palestinian State is a geo-political non-feasibility…

Second, Israel will try again, using a different military strategy to weakening the military might of Hezbollah.  Hezbollah is the most scary enemy to Israel because no system can destroy short and medium-range missiles, landing by the hundreds on cities, towns, airfields, and military infrastructure and production complexes…

Third, Israel will coax Syria to respond and take the initiative to demolishing the regime security forces centers, and headquarter of Bashar al Assad.  Consequently, facilitating regime change and weakening the strategic links of Iran in that region.

Fourth, Israel is about to get the green light for that preemptive war from the US and Turkey.  This triumvirate has reached an agreement that the Moslem Brotherhood political parties sharing power in Egypt and Syria is good to business and stability.

Iran wishes that Israel will refrain from coaxing the Syrian regime into a war, simply because any war with Syria will change the name of the game with its strategic ally.  Iran wants to agree with the US, China, and Russia that the most plausible alternative in the short-term is a resumption of benign insurgencies, and the Syrian regime not going overboard with its repressions.

I believe Israel beg to foolishly differ with Iran’s wishes:  Israel military infrastructure and production is the strongest catalyst for engaging in preemptive wars:  It is good for business and for the military budget in periods of internal crisis.

Lebanon will endure harsh periods whether Bashar regime succeed or fail.  Especially, if a civil war sweeps Syria:  Lebanon social structure is so drastically divisive.  Would the new Lebanese government take seriously the imminent next preemptive war and vigorously coordinate the defensive strategy among the resistance, the army, and the people?

Frankly, what may delay the preemptive war in early September is a strong stand by Egypt (State and people) and a change of regime in Syria. No matter what Israel proclaim about its main enemy, it is Egypt that scares most Israel!  I believe, this time around, a preemptive war launched by Israel will be catastrophic to this Zionist State, economically, politically, and militarily.

Definite political and social changes will get roots in the Middle-East.  “An Arab Autumn Revolt” will spread its fire and seeds for freedom and democratic systems.  It is plausible that Israel might advance its D-Day if Syria tanks enter Hama:  Thus, fomenting a civil war that was not forthcoming.

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