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You can adore two gods: Not Simultaneously

Posted on: July 19, 2011

You cannot adore two gods: Simultaneously

I believe that there is no harm in adoring two Gods, such as accumulating money and focusing on equity among men.  It is very possible and even desired: One god at a time, for definite periods, just for effective ways of focusing attention to specific, well-targeted passions.

It is advisable, on the individual level, to be opened-minded and find ways of adoring the two gods, one at a time:  It is one life and it is imperative to investigate which God is most appropriate to our natural inclination and passions.

Should community also experience with adoring two gods?  Negative.  Community of men needs to disseminate the culture of adoring fairness and equity among mankind.  Community of men should valiantly fight the 1% richest class of men in all countries.  This class of 1% have instituted this taboo ideology, based on adoring money, that it is natural that people be divided between masters and slaves.

Old cultures adored several divinities, one at a time, one for every season, for every wish and desire.  Old cultures had the same various gods, even if the names differed.  For example, a traveler would ask: “Where is the temple of God of rain, or fertility…?” It didn’t matter the name of the God, what counted was the purpose of the prayer.

Consequently, in ancient times, wars were never fought for religious causes. The equation was pretty straightforward: “You love to saving money, and we love to playing war games. You hoarded wealth, and we are coming for the loots…”

Until people created an absolute powerful God, the unique God…the absolute monarch, caliph, prince, Emir, Emperor…fighting for absolute power, meaning money, the oldest form of liberal capitalism.  Spreading a monolithic god was very convenient to founding power based on divine injunctions.  Slavery was “divinely”codified:  You are all slaving for god, the absolute monarch.

Sects within one monolithic religion fought one another to conserving their large tax base of the slaving people.  Nothing basically changed: the monolithic religion of international financial institutions have replaced the States as absolute power: Liberal capitalism is the new God.

Communities of men have to fight the god of absolute money, and strive to establishing the god of fairness, equity, human rights for freedom of expressions, and appropriate human development indicators.

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