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How to sit with your thoughts: 3 phases technique
On September 6, published his follow up article. It might be interesting to read the first post in order to realize how an idea can be carried through to resolution. This article is self-contained though to comprehend the concept. I performed minor editing.

“Today, as I’m sitting with my thoughts in front of the rising Sun, I see my thoughts with such rare clarity; the clarity I wish I have all the time.

I see 3 phases that my thoughts go through. The 1st phase, I call «Distraction»: It is synonymous with Mass Media, Prozac, and iTunes. That’s the phase where I daydream. I create virtual scenarios that are more pleasant than reality; a beach in Hawaii, being invisible, being a virtual character living an adventurous ideal life…. By doing that, I distract myself from the thoughts caused by real-life incidents.

Ironically, although technically I seem to be sitting with my thoughts, I’m actually still distracting myself from them. It is dawning on me, I think, that meditation might just be another way to distract myself from the thoughts that matter: While meditating, I visualize virtual worlds (daydreaming), I repeat a mantra (can’t think in parallel), I focus on breath (can’t focus on the thoughts at the same time.)

It just might be that meditation relieves me from stress and emotional pain, by distracting me from the causes of pain (Prozac?). I’m not attacking meditation, since I meditate myself. I’m only suggesting that maybe there needs to be a time for sitting with my thoughts, just like there are needs for time for meditating (which helps me deal with those thoughts.)

This of course contradicts the core teachings of most meditation schools. These schools discourage “meditators” from allowing their thoughts to flow freely; ideally 24/7. I hope you now get the idea why I called the 1st phase «Distraction».

Phase 2 starts when I become aware of «Distraction».  I call the 2nd phase «Acceptance». That’s when I push away the distracting daydreams. Immediately, the reality of my life flows in. I’m aware of the problems and conflicts. I’m aware of where I am now in life, as opposed to where I want to be. At this point, daydreams and distractions start to interfere again, in an effort to take me away from the pain of the realization.

Obviously that’s a sign that I’m in denial. It’s only when I discard the daydreams and stick to the reality of my life, that I start accepting my reality and all its problems. And when I do that, when I accept the pain of realization, when I watch all my thoughts with acceptance, that’s when I’m ready to move to the 3rd phase.

Once I accept my thoughts, I’m well on my way to resolving them. I call the 3rd phase «Resolution». I process the thoughts as they come. I think through each one until, arbitrarily, another one comes along.

Except that the thoughts don’t come arbitrarily. Because naturally, in this phase, my mind feeds my problems from the most painful to the lesser painful.

I realized that my mind in this resolution phase has a natural tendency to automatically start solving any problem it comes across (assuming I’ve broken out of denial, and accepted reality. Otherwise, my mind flees into the comfort of distraction.) And as my mind tackles a problem, suddenly another thought appears, and my mind starts tackling that other problem.

I allow this to happen for a simple reason, which you might have guessed by now. Let’s say my mind feeds me the most painful thought 1st: thought ‘A’. My mind then starts resolving thought ‘A’. As soon as thought ‘B’ comes along, this means that my mind has resolved thought ‘A’ enough for it to be less painful than thought ‘B’. Thus ‘A’ gets replaced with ‘B’ and so on. But at any time the 1st phase can reappear and sweep me into Lalaland. I can’t let my guard down.

The 3rd phase is actually pleasant and relieving. It feels as if an ancient tension is finally getting resolved. I look forward to it in the early morning as the Sun rises.

Rather than distracting yourself with daydreaming, Mass Media, Prozac, iTunes, or even a game of Solitaire, try accepting reality for a change. Denial ‘might’ just be the hidden ‘source’ behind our pain. Now that we have an idea of what this source might be, isn’t it time to stop treating the symptoms?

Try going from «Distraction» to «Acceptance» to «Resolution», and share with me your experience.” (End of quote)

I assume that experienced that the most painful comes first for resolution.  Maybe the brain is more flexible to accommodate the potential of a person to treating first the kinds of resolvable pain.  For example, with older people and individuals who failed in their first attempt, the mind might display lesser painful thoughts so that success will generate the necessary catalyst and motivation to resolving the more painful thought. Or I wish the mind is enough intelligent, compassionate, wanting to succeed in order not to harass a willing individual into retracting easily from a second try.

Consequently, night dreams and daydreams may extend solutions, if and only if, you accepted to deal with the painful thoughts.  You have set the proper background to permit any means to come to the rescue of any resolution.

Dangerous Magician’s left hand: What’s going on in the world?

A magicians use his left hand to direct and guide the attention of audience, while subtly and “magically” working his right hand to producing the “white” rabbit.  This world had plenty of magicians, and they are working on very serious problems and issues.  The problem is that their left hand is constantly agitated and pointing to misleading minor problems: Their right hand is fidgeted, paralyzed, unable to pull out anything of value, of any feasible resolutions…You are waiting for the white rabbit, but nothing materializes for any short relief of surprise and excitement…

For example, during election periods, Presidential candidates demand from their campaign magicians to used their left hands appropriately.  Sarkozy of France pointed to the less than 100 girls wearing the veils as serious threat to the unity of the secular Republic and Christian purity of France. Bush Senior demanded to focus on the burning of 7 flags as serious threats to patriotic America and to ignor the recession that was plaguing the country for two years.  Right wing parties direct their left hands to insignificant issues in order to win elections. The same magician tactics are adopted by left-wing parties, with less success in general…

You have got magicians of high-caliber, such as States with veto power in the UN and who decide of the States eligible to own nuclear arsenal and weapons of mass destruction…. You have magicians of secondary categories like the “emerging countries” (vast, populous, and rich in raw materials), and you have the overwhelming number of dismal magicians, represented in the everlasting “developing” countries…

Magicians of high-caliber plan rigorously and for the long haul their drama, and it is up to the other lesser magicians to direct and point their left hands to the irrelevant and misleading priorities, on order and tacit agreement with the big magicians.  Nothing serious is resolved: The lesser magicians cannot see the big picture and are amusing the “common people” with trifle.

Do you think that mankind created the recurring financial crises, that it is a very serious problem, and that mankind can resolve this problem?

Do you think that mankind created our climatic change, this high level of CO2, toxic rivers…and that mankind is capable of resolving these death-trap problems?

I will focus on the puny magicians in Lebanon. After the opposition parties formed a government, the previous “majority” has hired political magicians to create difficulties for already resolved policies that we badly need such as enjoying electricity…  In the last two decades, not a dime was invested to building new electrical power plants, distribution lines… or maintaining the decaying ones:  The militia leaders of the civil war returned to government and are dividing the public treasury among themselves.  Every year, for the last two decades, the public utility devoured two $billion. For example, every militia leader protect the private generator providers in their district for substantial fees.  The new program of providing additional 700 MegaWatt, or increasing 6 more hours of public electricity in the coming two years, is being blackmailed and railroaded on “technicality grounds” as they say…The same process goes for the fund allocated to the return of the displaced, and not many returned…As analysts demonstrated the treasury is not in deficit: It has been blatantly robbed by the same militia leaders.

Another example.  There is this real estate issue that has been lingering for 50 years in court concerning the village of Lassa in the district of Kesrowan.  The inhabitants of Lassa are Moslem Chiaa sect amid the Christian Kesrowan district.  As this problem was settled in court, the magicians pointed to the threat that Lassa will become a Heszballa bastion, and that there is a project to link Lassa to the Bekaa Valley via a land route.  The only link we have to the Bekaa is through what is called the “Arab Highway”.  This highway has been in construction for over three decades and millions have been spent on it: This highway is growing in width, but not advancing a mile toward the Bakaa.  This supposed highway is a terrible headache for congestion and loss to the economy and tourism.  I wish more transverse routes link the seashore to the Bekaa, if the Lassa magic turns out to be true.

Those magicians are focusing their attention to Turkey’s policies toward Syria.  They claim that Turkey is supporting Syria of Bashar el Assad, simply because Iran is a strategic ally to Turkey, and a pipeline is going to link Iran to Turkey, passing by Iraq and Syria….

The Lebanese magicians, financed by the obscurantist absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia, never relent pointing to the “potential” threats of Iran, such as closing the Straight to oil flow, nuclear arsenal, capable missiles…For example, the destruction of refineries in the Arab Gulf States and Saudi Arabia will skyrocket the price of oil…But never mention the actual and daily threats of the funding of the obscurantist Saudi Monarchy to the salafist Sunni Moslems…

Sure, Hezbollah is not about to disappear, even if Bashar el Assad is weakened.  Hezbollah is a mass movement representing 60% of the population in Lebanon.  Facing the weakening of Syria support, Hezbollah will turn its attention internally to face off growing unease to its military dominance… These kinds of magic that forget that Lebanon managed to exist, as a recognized State in the last decade, because of the power of Hezbollah, which kicked out Israel occupation in 2000, without any negotiation or pre-conditions, and strategically defeated Israel in the preemptive war of July 2006.

Those virtual Harry Potter-kinds of magicians are serious that the western powers want to divide Syria into three federated States according to sectarian majority, the Alawi, the Aleppo (mostly Kurds), and the Moslem Sunni Damascus districts.  That Lebanon will inevitably be joined as the fourth federal State… As if Lebanon that kicked out all occupying forces (Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia…) is an easy country to be coerced to demographic transfer of population.

Note: Left hands are given bad connotation because of historic practices. Even a century ago, left hands were used to wipe off asses.  Currently, right hands are generally dirtier than left hands: We pick our noses with right fingers, we jerk off with right hands…Unless you are a left-handed person




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