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So you won’t say: “Adonis49 failed to follow-up on the recognition process of the Palestinian State”

Posted on: September 22, 2011

So you won’t say: “Adonis49 failed to follow-up on the recognition process of the Palestinian State”

Can you imagine any sane and rational person denying the Palestinian people a recognized State?  Sure, individual opinion is not the same as “doing local politics” such is the case of Barack Obama and France Nicholas Sarkozy.

Even in 1947, the UN has officially partitioned Palestine into two portions.  It was not fair by a long shot: The very minority Zionist Jews  were allocated 53% of the territories.  The borders were pretty much a Swiss-cheese puzzle, taking into consideration a few Zionist colonies here and there and accommodating them in such a ridiculous partition.

The main question is: “Why Israel was recognized a State my a majority of one vote in 1949, and Palestine was not recognized?”  Technicalities set aside, it was an implicit green light from the Colonial powers of the US, France, and England to Zionism to expand their territory, on the ground that Palestine does not exist officially. Fundamentally, the Colonial powers planed to erase Palestine from the map.

In 1963, the Palestinians got their destiny in their hands and instituted the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), under the leadership of Yasser Arafat.  The PLO challenged the claim of Israel Golda Meier PM “What! There is no Palestine. There is no Palestinian people. Period”  That sentence was ejaculated a few months before the joint armies of Egypt and Syria overran Israel forces in the Sinai and the Golan Heights within three hours.

Yasser Arafat and Rabin PM signed the Oslo accord in Camp David during President Clinton:  Palestine was to be recognized gradually.  But first, Arafat has to accept the self-autonomy of Gaza and part of West Bank Hebron and Ramallah…), until further negotiations iron out the many difficulties within a year.  Israel assassinated its Prime Minister and reneged on the deal and began accelerated colonization of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Maybe Barack Obama thinks that local politics take priority to global politics (for re-election), and is willing to take the chance and high risk of jeopardizing US interests in the Middle-East.  Obama is assuming that the Arab Spring uprising is under control and can be contained.  Maybe for the short-term, since the old political structures of the dictators’ regime are still holding.  Truth is, the powerful genie in the Arab World has awakened, and he refuses to be humiliated any further and spoken in his name by Obama and Sarkozy.

Watch out Obama for vetoing the Palestinian State:  You have no excuses Obama, and this is not a run of the mill veto game.  Anyway, Obama is not slated to be re-elected; so why not take a vigorous stand for human rights and dignity and let the American people reflect and review old stands that are no longer sustainable?

The Palestinian people have suffered 63 years of indignities, humiliation, living in refugee camps, and being treated as unwanted people anywhere in the world.  Enough is enough.

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