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“Palestinian leaders emulating tactics of early Zionist leaders”?

Posted on: September 26, 2011

“Palestinian leaders emulating tactics of early Zionist leaders”?

Journalist Gideon Levy wrote in the Israeli daily Haaretz: Compare how the current Palestinian leaders and our political leaders are behaving in the world scene. The the current Palestinian leaders are the new Zionist leaders in their step-by step “Take what you can get”.  The current Palestinian leaders are willing forgo their flatulent dreams for pragmatic gains they can obtain now.

After the (assassination of Yasser Arafat by Ariel Sharon PM), the new Palestinian leaders can be compared to our successful early leaders. For example, Mahmoud Abbas is Levy Eshkol PM,  Saeb Oreikat is Aba Ebban, and Salam Fayad PM is Benhas Sabir or Eliazar Kaplan… All that these current Palestinian leaders lack is speaking yiddish, and you won’t be able to distinguish them from our early leaders in snatching opportunities on the ground.

Early Zionist leaders worked pragmatically and managed to establish a recognized State by the UN in 1949 (by a single majority vote). The current Palestinian leaders are about to realize the same feat with vast margin in the UN.  Israel of 2011 is no longer a State that other UN States wish to emulate in any kinds of achievement:  Israeli leaders are sent to jail for corruption or in their way to be incarcerated.  Liberal capitalism encouraged by Netanyahu since the 80’s had split our society between the filthy 1% billionaires and the overwhelming downtrodden classes. Productive State institutes have been privatized, and funding for social programs have been dwindling dramatically.

The Palestinians have been bleeding for 63 years: They have paid the high price. Israel of 2011 is about to start paying its due high price for desisting in stepping down from their high horses.  This incapable and impotent government preferred inaction to grabbing current realities by the horns…” End of translation with a slight liberty.

The late Lebanese academic historian Kamal Salibi (died a month ago) told Robert Fisk in 1983, (during Israel invasion of Lebanon): “The western communities have been under the illusion that the new Israeli society and “democratic” institutions will spread a new mentality in the Middle-East.  Facts demonstrate that Israel succumbed to the region customs and adopted its mentality in its integral reality…”

After the 1967 preemptive wars against Egypt, Syria and Jordan, Israel expansionist mentality took roots. As one Israeli Jew set foot on a piece of land he liked, he planted the Israeli flag and reclaimed the land as belonging to the Israeli State (according to the Bible…):  A reminder of European colonial powers since the 15th century, planting the flag and reclaiming the territory as the King property.  Settlements mushrooms, special roads constructed to divert the colons from nearby Palestinian communities, and Palestinian municipalities restricted from expanding on the premise that the neighboring land belong to the settlers…

Robert Fisk, correspondent to the British The Times and covering the civil war of Lebanon for 9 years, wrote in his book “Afflictions of a nation”:  “I was an eye-witness on several occasions of Israeli soldiers looting houses, mainly carrying out electronic equipments, video camera, TV, telephones…After Israeli troops withdrew from the Capital Beirut, I accompanied my British friend to his apartment, which he vacated when the Israeli jet bombing intensified in his neighborhood. The apartment had been occupied by Israeli soldiers and the walls were dirtied with Hebrew words drawn in shit… ”

(Most of the Israeli incursions into Lebanon before 1982 were fundamentally undertaken with tribal razzias purposes in mind:  Soldiers enlisted for the opportunity of looting and bringing back what to furnish their houses…)

Fisk mentioned the revelations of US officials who confirmed that in the war of 1982, 20% of Israeli casualties were of “friendly fires”: Israel Defense Force lacked discipline and training.  Israel police confirmed that many Army depots were ransacked and 4,000 hand grenades stolen, 300 Galilee guns, 45 Howitzers, 200 M16…evaporated (to be sold in the Lebanese market)

Note 1:  The French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur published last week: “Israel Shin Beth (internal intelligence agency) is worried of the good organization of the Jewish terrorist cells in the colonies, or Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.  The Jewish terrorist cells, called “youth of the hills”, adopted Al Qaeda principles in organization and decentralized formations, and have in possession large supplies of military hardware.  They certainly have tight connections in the army and many public institutions.  (How could this happen if the organization and facilitation of these cells are not generated from the Shin Beth itself? The Shin Beth has all the potentials, the means, and the intelligence pieces for these kinds of terrorist activities)

Note 2: Map of countries that will support Palestine’s UN bid for statehood this month.

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