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What’s for dinner? Why Zombies to be eaten alive?

Posted on: September 27, 2011

What’s for dinner? Why Zombies to be eaten alive? sent me this link on Sept. 21 “Choose the dinner and you’ll become dinner”

“Imagine the world has been overrun by Zombies. You’re the only group left. You’ve managed to lock yourselves in an abandoned prison.

You’ve prepared yourselves a nice dinner. You’ve lit a few candles. You’ve found a nice red table-cloth and an aged bottle of wine.

Do you now sit and enjoy your nice dinner, and pretend that you’re not surrounded by lifeless Zombies struggling to get in and rip you apart? Or do you face your situation and try to get rid of the Zombies?

Of course enjoying the dinner is less painful than facing the Zombies. The problem is that one day the food will run out; the Zombies will find a way in. And you’re going to suffer immensely.

You can only run away from your problem for a little while. You can’t pretend that you’re having a nice dinner all the time. The question is, do you fight now, when you’re healthy and strong? Or do you wait until you’re helpless?

Let’s come back from Zombie world to our daily lives for a  minute. Everyday in our minds we face a choice. Do we face the problems and resolve them? Or do we keep running away from them, until one day they find a way in, when we’re most helpless?

Of course, distracting ourselves from our painful thoughts is as pleasant as that temporary dinner in prison. Facing our thoughts and resolving them is as satisfying and as liberating as defeating the hoard of Zombies.

Except that, when you face your own thoughts you can’t lose. You’re in a safe environment. No physical harm can come to you. And you can stop at any point, and continue later.

But the consequences are very real when you keep choosing the dinner.

Sit with your thoughts today and face them, before it’s too late.”

William example is too drastic:  Very few people ever confront such a life threatening situation in their entire life.  Otherwise, people would have learned to survive more efficiently through repeated dangerous conditions.  I think that, if I were cool enough to prepare myself such a romantic and wonderful dinner, I might as well sit very coolly and enjoy my dinner.

The odds are high that the Zombies will feel frustrated when they notice your relaxed state, like if you had a secret mass destructive weapon…The Zombies, like smart creatures, will move on to another individual that their “objective analysis” of human behavior demonstrated to be within the range of “normal person.”

Most probably, William might throw a tantrum claiming that I failed to comprehend the gist of his idea, that the article was made simple for my mild “autistic syndrome”… 

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