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Is developing a working system: An obsession to be productive?

Posted on: October 2, 2011

Is developing a working system: An obsession to be productive?

Do you start developing a working system for your enterprise before you start producing anything, or working out a system is a consequence to this urge of being more efficient in order to making profit, and increasing profit, and reviewing the system in order to generating more profit…?

Is developing a system a modern mania of mankind, an acquired tradition generated by colonial powers since the 16th century in order to abusing the indigenous people, the most efficiently way possible?  Is developing a system a consequence of how our acquired brain structure developed in order to reducing chaotic phenomena in our knowledge of living nature?

Mankind has suffered greatly, since the 19th century, of centralized dicta of modern States, trying to homogenize the concept of “civilization” and reducing differences in ethnicity culture and custom in order to have an efficient State system functioning with the least of uncertainty through various efficient control systems…Catholic religious centralized hegemony for over 11 centuries has left its mark on how western societies should govern…Communism, Nazism, Fascism, and Capitalism ideological systems are alike in their quest for central control over communities…

Do you think that efficient working system is not synonymous to efficient control system? Basically, a system is be applied on people, working people, and consequently, it is mankind that is to be submitted to any man-made system.Don’t you feel that obsession to productivity is basically an implicit obsession on how to exploit workers? has a say in why we tend to develop a working system.  He wrote:

“Have you ever been obsessed with being productive to the extent that you sabotage yourself?

You spend all your time researching, optimizing, and coming up with new ways to be more productive. This goes on to the point where you realize that you’re not getting any work done.

And the funny thing is, you develop a system that allows you to work more productively, but… As soon as you have the system, you’re still not working. Since you’re not working, you can’t test the system. So you put it aside and don’t use it.

You then get frustrated that you are not working. You look back to see what was the last time you did something that made you feel good. You say to yourself: “Oh! I need a system that makes me productive!”…And the cycle starts again.”(End of quote)

The cycle for finding more efficient control systems recurs every time a slight change in governing mentality takes hold on the spirit of communities.  Nothing fundamental is altered in the control system, but a new governing power, regardless of political structure and ideology, thinks that it is in the nature of things to have their own brand of control system…

Don’t you have this strong impression that most civil servant jobs are directed at controlling society? Private enterprises have assimilated this mentality by osmosis, and instead of trusting workers and employees to focusing on producing, they invest too much time on discovering ways to controlling the work force.  Mankind is unable to produce effectively because they are tide down with controlling systems that blocked their mind and sidetracked the best method for survival: Mainly, get to work.

Keep working and producing: It is the sustained process of working that generates the most appropriate personal system.  Experts in developing systems are generally “non-producing” people and their systems are fundamentally based on abstract notions, meant to “benefit” mankind at large! How stupid.

It is a most exciting job to be asked to developing systems that controls mankind…Nobody is about to refuse these exciting tasks, when opportunity knocks.

I have problem with this pervasive term of DESIGN.  Designing was reserved to the engineering fields: One project at a time, meant to satisfy the safety, health, comfort…of the client…Design has taken implicitly the connotation of developing control system.  Some one design a system that works adequately for his line of work and he has to extrapolate into thinking: “It works fine for me, and it must necessarily function well with good intentioned clients…”

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