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Have you met this Salesman?

Posted on: October 8, 2011

Have you met this Salesman?

I left the library around 1:45. A beaten up car stopped.  Three young men were ogling me. The driver stepped out, all smile, and said to me:

“You don’t recognize me?  We spent the most glorious summer together…”

I said: “Go on, I am listening. I don’t recognize you…”

Driver: “If I told you who is my mother you’ll feel very surprised…”, and then kissed me on the cheeks…

I said: “Keep talking…Who is your mother?”

Driver: “We lived across from your house…”

I said: “I am still listening…Where did you live when we met?…”

By then I had told the driver where I live.  He grabbed on that information and said:

“Who is your mohktar? (A mohktar is an elected person meant to stamp on document testifying that he knows the citizen and that he lives in the municipality…)

I replied: “His name is Farah…”

The driver said: “Do you know his sister Therese? She is my mother and she died the last month from cancer…”

The driver opened the trunk of his car and started packing for me three bottles of rose-water, and…The trunk contained an assortment of country made soap, bottles barely tightly closed…

He said: “These products are home-made. I want you to have them and pray for the soul of my mother…”

I said: “I hate to take your generous offer for free…”

Driver: “Whatever you carry is fine with me “Samhet nafss”(What you soul can offer)

I said: “Sorry, I am not carrying any cash at all…”

The driver picked up the bag of bottles and replaced them in the trunk.

You have these ambulatory salesperson, driving cars and accompanied by two other passengers.  They sell olive oil, olive, bottles of rose-water (ma2 al ward, and wa2 al zahr…), vinegar…  They make you taste a genuine olive oil and then swap the canister with another bad olive oil canister…

These ambulatory salesperson get to know the neighborhood and retain a few names… They make you feel they are part of the community…You should remember them the next time they make their round in town…

It turned out that I know Therese: She is a relative of mine and she is very much alive.

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