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Symbols and myths: Activators of vigorous split-second behaviors

Posted on: October 12, 2011

Symbols and myths: Activators of vigorous split-second behaviors

For example, when a night dream generates an erection, it does not necessarily lead to ejaculation.  It is when the brain  hold your virtual hand and leads it to the virtual sex symbols (tits, vagina…) that you instantly ejaculate.  I presume this is true for women too.  I am curious what are the sex symbols in men for women (tight buttocks,  the few hair on the chest…)

A few symbols and myths lead to good actions, but mostly they are directed to negative behaviors in mankind culture. Why is this so?

Civil wars are programmed by professionals:  They comprehend exactly the kinds of symbols and myths in particular cultures, and disseminate the coded words and sentences that correlate well with specific violent symbols and myths stored in the recesses of our consciousness. 

Kids are easy victims of such dangerous mythical stories, which will be brought up in the forefront in critical situations. Is that why youth are the ones used and abused in most civil wars?

Note: This brief post is meant to generate feedback.  I’ll appreciate it greatly if you forward current examples and stories that match this topic.

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