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Since when climbing a mountain is a challenge? Try coming down the same way!

Posted on: October 22, 2011

Since when climbing a mountain is a challenge? Try coming down the same way!

How often have you heard “It’s all downhill from there…” Does that mean:
1. It is a much easier challenge from now on after you struggled hard to achieve an objective, and all you have to do is simply to maintain and sustain a fraction of the effort and determination to keeping the business profitable…
2. You have reached the top in your mission, and it’s not about to get any better whatever effort you invest…
3. The best years are behind you, and you have to deal with the indignity of surviving…
As if climbing down a mountain is any easier than reaching the top.
Before you plan any kinds of climbing, consider studying the topography of the mountain: The safe descent paths must be of higher priority.
I suppose you have climbed a small hill in your life, at least when a kid.  A few of us have climbed high mountain tops, not the rope and gears for steep climbs of professionals. 
Still, steep enough for goats…
I am pretty sure you don’t recall how the  mountain was climbed, but you certainly recall the nightmarish downhill challenge to reaching your parked car… The reduced energy can be a factor, but not as essential in your horror recalls…
All it takes to climb is two feet, and a couple of hands, and possibly a stick…Coming down could be easier if you remembered to add a few inches of fat on your buttock, and sewed a sturdy patch where it counts. You discover that somehow your feet are redundant going down, hands are still excellent for equilibrium and grabbing on something as downhill speed increases, involuntarily…
I am not bringing in the factor of acceleration: It is merely a stupid activity of coming “downhill” from a mountain top…
Do you think people living on the coast are privileged over those perched on mountains?  That was before the 21st century: Just consider all those noxious heavy gases floating down there…Produced by mankind for economic growth…
Are you into strenuous physical activities? Jogging, biking, expensive aerobic exercises…?  A suggestion: consider reaching a higher plateau and enjoy your favorite sport…
Breathing deeply on the coast line brings in more noxious gases than oxygen.  I had rather breath lesser quantity of oxygen on mountain than this toxic mixture on the coast, and particularly metropolis on the seashores…
Are you considering becoming a professional dancer, sport, actress, model…? Try expanding your imagination on thinking harder on your other great passions in the fallback lifelong alternatives
Carla Bruni, current wife of French President Sarkozy, retired from modeling at age 29, after undergoing several aesthetic surgeries to stay in the competition. She got into music and created another life, and other circles of influential people to back her up. And then married a President, and gave birth to a daughter last week.  Carla has the green light to name her newborn…
Speed of coming down can become dangerous, once you let go.  There is advantage of selecting slower incline paths in coming down: Sort of accepting any kinds of opportunities to survive contempt of society for people on the downhill age…
The uphill battle is not the challenge: It is the daily chores of life maintenance.  Kind of knowing how to stay healthy and safe from mindless activities…for the longer haul.
Sustaining life is the harder challenge of all:  Take your support systems far more seriously, starting now.
There are always mountain to climb: Keep healthy and smart for the next challenges in the long path of existence.
There are times to be the worrier, and times to be the human.

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