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Happiness is a symptom: What are the causes for your sadness?

Posted on: October 26, 2011

Happiness is a symptom: What are the causes for your sadness?

I received an email that says:

“What if the reasons for the sadness are known, and I perceive that my frustrated feelings about these reasons could be a healthy step in the direction of improving them?
Do you think “happiness inducing methods” like the ones mentioned above could hinder the process of dealing with the sources of the hurt/sadness?” End of question

My initial reply is:

“If I attend to the causes of my sadness, I can sort out most of the reasons:
First, there are the causes that I have no longer control over them (time pass, people die, health deteriorate…)

We can accept them and shelve them, through “published” introspective processes. Noting down the reasons is a normal necessary step in the right direction, but it is not sufficient. You have got to decide to disseminate the conscious reasons for your sadness: You will be surprised to hear feedback that the reasons are pretty common. Million of individual experience and witness the same reasons every day.

Glad that you shared and realized that many share your predicament.  Time to act on these sorted out reasons for sadness: One at a time.  You have received many catalytic encouragement: Do your due diligence.

Second, causes we have control over them, but we opt to work on our strongest passions and act upon them… Excellent strategy to adopt, assuming that you didn’t give up on the initial process to facing up the problematic conditions.

Third, causes we have control over them and we decide to attend to them, one at a time... You’ll discover that one trouble down will vanquishes many secondary and irrelevant problems that we built upon to exacerbate the problem…The smaller troubles are cleared from the battlefield to see the bigger picture of the forest…

Four, do nothing, and resume your wallowing attitudes, if it gives you joy and satisfaction. Why not?

As you act on the reasons for your sadness, you will feel happier at every stage you feel that you vanquished a calamity. If occasionally you slumber under sad periods, most probably you have cowed into venting out the deep-rooted causes.  In this case, no need to publish what you noted down: It is our right to save a few mysteries in our life. Just vent out what you know are common causes as a first step.

Happiness is a symptom for working out the root-causes of each sad memory and occurrence.  The moment you set out to attend to what makes you sad, and the moment you act on what you think is one of the causes of your sadness, and the happier you feel.

We are challenging our conventional wisdom and common sense attitudes that happiness is an attribute of emotions and not the consequent reaction for overcoming the emotions that defeat us and bog us down in the survival process…

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