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Story of how Qadhafi was liquidated

An US drone, accompanied by a French jet fighter, targeted and bombed the convoy of Qadhafi. Details are vented out: A few hours before the drone bombed the convey, an US colonel in the Pentagon called his counterpart, a French intelligence  service agent who was designated to track Qadhafi whereabouts.  The US officer said: “The trap is set and Qadhafi should not get out alive: He might turn to be a “nuclear bomb” if tried by International Court…”  French soldiers are on the ground and leading the Libyan “revolutionary” militias.

The wounded Qadhafi hurried to hide in a water conduit and was taken out like a rat. The French turned Qadhafi over to a special unit named “The Jackal” that shot him in the head.

Qadhafi was not killed as Benito Mussolini, Italy fascist dictator. Mussolini fled, hiding in the back of a truck, in a German convoy headed to the Tyrol region in northern Italy.  The Italian resistance militia discovered Mussolini and his current girl friend. They were summarily put to trial and shot.

Qadhafi was assassinated by NATO.  What the US and the western European States wanted from the death of Qadhafi was to retain the trillion of dollars stashed in their economies.  No witness to proving the availability of the whisked trillion, but restitution…

Anyway, most of Qadhafi saved money were already spent and disposed of before the Libyan “civil war”.  A few billion will be released back to the Libyan government to prove good-will…

Abdel Jalil of the temporary Libyan government is downgrading the casualties.  He is claiming that the civil was consumed 20,000 dead, and 30,000 injured.  These numbers are already huge compared to a population barely of 5 million.  How long would we have to wait to know the approximate numbers of civilians dead by air attacks and collateral damages?

Somaz Miln wrote in The Guardian: “It is obvious that the way Qadhafi was eliminated is a war crime.  Eye-witness accounts proved that 53 dead bodies were found in the location where Qadhafi was assaulted, brutalized, and assassinated.   Over 500 civilians casualties were considered collateral damages by the NATO air bombing in the city of Sert in the last ten days…”

Note: A high graded freshly retired French intelligence agent wrote that France and England, with support of the US Administration, had plans to overthrow Qadhafi before the Tunisian revolt broke out. Why? Qadhafi thought that he could get away this time by purchasing military hardware, exclusively from Russia!  “No fly zone” plans were already drawn, along with the air defense bases to be targeted in Libya.  The Tunisia mass uprising, followed in Egypt soon after, delayed the execution plan…




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