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Ethics that Japanese women must submit to…

Posted on: November 11, 2011

Ethics that Japanese women must submit to…

In “Trembling and Quavering”, the French author Amelie Nothomb, listed 12 ethical standards that Japanese women had to submit to in the 1990’s

The Japanese fathers have an inkling of giving infinitive verbs for names to their boys such as “Work”; whereas females receive poetic names such as “Snow”, Rain”, or “Flower”.

Here is a list of prescriptions that women have to follow to the letters:

  1. If you are not married by the age of 25 then you have good reasons to be ashamed.
  2. If you laugh then you will not be distinguished.
  3. If your face shows feelings then you are vulgar.
  4. If you mention that you have a single hair on your body then you are vile.
  5. If a boy kisses you in public on the cheek then you are a whore.
  6. If you eat with pleasure then you are a sow.
  7. If you experience pleasure sleeping then you are a cow.
  8. If you go to the toilet for body releases then make sure nobody hear anything.
  9. You should never sweat  Thus avoid voluptuous love making.
  10. You should not marry for love.
  11. If you fall in love then you were not educated well.
  12. Stay thin because males do not appreciate round shapes in the body

All the sufferings in sticking to these precepts have the sole objective for women to preserving their honor, and nothing else. I am wondering: “Had these tenuous precepts changed since then? Particularly after the Fukushima nuclear disaster?”

How about listing the precepts of the Saudi Wahhabi Moslem sect for virtuous women and how they should behave?

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